Stab Magazine | Watch 'RISS': Carissa Moore's Stunning New Profile Film

Watch ‘RISS’: Carissa Moore’s Stunning New Profile Film

A look into the personality and life of the 4x World Champion. 

Words by stab

Carissa Moore is one of the surfing world’s most likeable individuals. Perpetually happy, surfs incredibly well, and is one of the more easily approachable surfers on the CT. At the end of 2019, after winning for fourth World Title, Carissa announced that she would be taking a hiatus from the tour.

At the time of this announcement, no one knew the entire CT contingent would be taking an indefinite hiatus, but we were looking forward to seeing what Carissa produced in her time off the tour. One of the early rumours is that she would be working on a film, and now, via Red Bull, this film has come to fruition.

It’s titled RISS, and is more, how shall we say, in-depth, than a normal surf film. It’s more aptly referred to as a profile as it digs into Moore’s personality and not just her skillset on a surfboard – which we’re already familiar with. 

Directed by Peter Hamblin – who also directed Let’s Be Frank about Frank Solomon – RISS stands out from your usual surf film counterparts.

“I remember watching Let’s Be Frank and falling in love with the movie and how it was done.” Carissa Moore told Surfline about the project. “It was so entertaining and so different. I guess that happened around the same time I was like, ‘Oh, I’d love to reach out to Peter Hamblin,’ when I found out that Peter Hamblin was trying to reach out to me.”

The film is partitioned into three sections which span over the course of her 2019 season – regarded as her comeback year after three winless years (although she always finished top-five). While Moore’s bubbly personality is ever-present, we get to see some more of the individual behind the camera and her life both on the tour and away from it.

It also goes into some detail about her nonprofit organisation, Moore Aloha, which she started with her dad. Moore Aloha is focused on bringing together like-minded women (typically surfers) to support and inspire one another – with Carissa’s wisdom at the helm. 

Watch RISS above. We recommend. 


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