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Stab High Japan Presented By Monster Energy Will Be Broadcast Live On June 21st and June 22nd from 5 PM - 10 PM PDT

About Us

We blindfolded Bruce at Chopes, launched a generation of aerialists with Ladybirds, and dragged a maleable dock into the waves, because we were tired of paddling.

Those are a few of our wins. The list of our failures couldn’t fit on this page. Because we’re not trained filmmakers, writers and producers. We’re a small group of surfers with a few big ideas that we want to see in this world. So whether you’re guessing boards in Stab In The Dark, learning How Surfers Get Paid, or riding shotgun on Stab Highway, we know you’re here for the same reason we are. Because surfing matters, and because we like to surf.

JUNE 22 & 23
1 Days
11 Hours
35 Minutes
8 Seconds
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