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Stab – the ideas factory

Stab works closely with all of its partners. Stab will leverage your voice within the market to deliver creative and experimental marketing.

Stab was the first magazine to use helicopters to document hi-fi surfing and the first magazine to use jetskis in wavepools. We also pulled together surfing’s first-ever studio shoot in the Canary Islands. In the past few years, we’ve brought glamour to women’s surfing using some of the best fashion photogs in the world. But read more about the mag here.

When you advertise in Stab, ours ideas are part of the deal. You want something a lil’ different? We’ll create it for you, whether movie, editorial integration, fashion shoot, advertising campaign or party.

Stab‘s Offerings

Where Stab‘s print version is vital and focuses on big shoots (we totally love our sexy shoots and art-based surf shoots) and in-depth stories, takes the strengths of the magazine to the web: It’s timely pop culture meets high-performance surfing. With the tricked-up site are new entities: the Stabagram, StabFM, Stab Cinema, a revamped Style section, a collaboration with LifeWithoutAndy and more. Stab is the catch-all for surfing’s youth.


Stab is published by STAB LLC, 12808 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA USA 90066


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