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Free Surfboard: Enter to win Taj’s Sharp Eye from Stab In The Dark

Just like in the movies (and Taj picks the two Stab Premium giveaways).

A Caribbean Entrée With Indo for Dessert

Warning: Gatien Delahaye's recent run of waves will trigger your salivary glands.

There’s Never Been A More Productive Surfer Than Italo Ferreira

Guy bags 15 clips a session, especially when the waves look like this.

Coming Soon: Andy Irons and The Radicals

A look at one of surfing's superheroes through the eyes of those who knew him best.

Sometimes Low: The Stab High B-Sides

30 minutes of surfing that was too good to die on the cutting-room floor.

Was There a Secret, Elite Surf Cult Formed at Uluwatu?

Featuring Kelly Slater, Ian Crane, Crosby Colapinto, Cole Houshmand, Kolohe Andino & Koa Smith

The Burleigh Single Fin is “The greatest surfing contest in the world”

Where competitors are forced to ride the “worst surfboards ever made”.

Canadian Apparel Co. Tries Their Hand At Surf Cinema

This is how you put the big brands on notice.

What’s Your Favorite Surf Movie Of All Time?

The Stab staff reveals the films that made them who they are today.

Meet The Guy Who Saved Professional Surfing in 2021

The WSL's Andrew Stark joins us on the Stab CUSP.

“I’m Probably Most Skeptical of the Art World and the Super-Wealthy”

Chatting with revered SF-based artist Chris Johanson about life, absurdism, and his new Vans collection.

How Far Are You Willing To Go To Get The Shot?

Click or Miss Vol. 14

How Covid Enabled Harry Bryant’s Once In A Lifetime Aussie Road Trip

And spurred Bio Haz, the first genuine contender for film of the year 2021.

Maneuvering A 4’2 Through Surfing’s Greatest Shark Pit

Adrien Toyon cruises through Reunion Island on microscopic wave crafts.

Watch: Harry Bryant and the Next Great Octopus Part

This is Bio Haz.

Peering Over The Ledge Of Change: Let’s Talk About The Women’s Tour

The age of domination is over. Mitch Shepherd explores what got us here and muses on the future of women's…

A Hectic Game Of Chicken At Ehukai Beach Park

Featuring the guru of tight spaces, Mason Ho.

25 Minutes Of Candid Kelly Slater On The Topic Of ‘Creativity’

And yes, he really only travels with 10 pieces of clothing.


Surfer Reunited With Board After It Drifted 400 Miles Away

A true tale of romance.

Costa Rican Surf Icon Gilbert Brown Shatters His Leg At Salsa Brava

Gilbert Brown is one of the OG professional surfers from Costa Rica. Hailing from the…

You Can Rent This Private Island Surf Resort for 1 Bitcoin

Buy, sell, buy, sell...

Winter Storm Orlena Churns Out Waves On The East Coast

Cold but gold.

Surf Photographer Jimmy Wilson Injured In Snowboarding Accident

Click the link below to donate towards Jimmicane's recovery.

The “Off-Season” At Nias Is Better Than You Think

Solid swell with less than ten people out.


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Here’s why Stab is going to a subscription model

Insert vomit emoji.

Who makes the best accessories in the world?

Fins, wax, traction, board bags and leashes. Lincoln Eather extracts and analyzes your answers from the latest Stab Reader Survey.

Stab’s Guide to the Best Wetsuits of 2020

Nine suits meticulously examined by our resident gear-head.

Joyride: Testing the Campbell Designed ‘Chunky Toe’ in Exo Flex Technology

Yacht technology in a surfboard? This we had to try.

50 Years Of WSL Data Demands The Immediate Attention Of Robinson, Ewing, Marks, Colapinto & Co.

An unfortunate end to competitive surfing’s honeymoon period, or how Kelly Slater corrupted our youth.