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How (Not) To Hide Your Key While Surfing

A cautionary tale and helpful security tips from a man who lost it all. 

Jun 30, 2024


Alex Knost’s 30th Birthday Present For Creed McTaggart

"A lot of alternative boards look like shit to me.”

Jul 4, 2024

How Can You Become Better At Airs?

Sage actionable advice from Ian Crane, Matt Meola, Mason Ho, Luke Swanson + Jacob Szekely.

Jul 1, 2024

Empty Set: Does Shark Deterrence Technology Work?

A poignant audience question — answered by leading researchers and the CEO of Sharkbanz.

Jul 7, 2024

Shane Dorian On Coaching The US Olympic Surf Team, Stepping Away From Big Waves, Parenting & More

“Nazare is the perfect wave to fly into from Munich, hop on a jetski and…

Jul 5, 2024

Dear Nostalgia,

How Kai Neville's eccentric troupe shaped today's competitive surfing standard, despite never winning themselves.

Jul 3, 2024

How To Be A Good Little Surf Fan At The 2024 Teahupo’o Olympics

Faster, Higher, Stronger, Together (just not from the channel).

Jul 2, 2024

Meet The Man Who Slept In His Car For A Month And Logged 108 Sessions At URBNSURF Melbourne

Four back surgeries and full-time job be damned. 

Jul 5, 2024

To Train or Not To Train?

Exploring the exercise habits of Kelly, Andy, Mick, John and everyone in between.

Jul 10, 2024

The Worst Way To Lose A Heat

Luke Thompson cops an interference in the most painful manner — let's break down this…

Jul 4, 2024