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Watch: ‘Fresh and Fried’ Ft the Quik Kids

How taxing is it to tackle the Gold Coast’s Triple Crown in a single day, on a junk diet?

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“You can either look like a lion or you can look like a kitten. Most look like kittens,” said Sunny Garcia famously, of surfers on Hawaii’s North Shore. 

7634 kilometres away on the Gold Coast – home to the most densely populated wave in Australia (The Superbank), you surf in a constant sweep across a spectacular 2km stretch of sand, where one typically experiences more frustration than bliss on the hunt for a perfect, unmolested wave to oneself.

It too is a game of lions and kittens, but unlike Hawaii, where understanding lineup etiquette is a must, you will still spot the odd vulnerable adult learner stuffing pros stiff-legged on screamers.

The Vaughan bros + some soon-to-be roadkill.

In this chaotic lineups we tasked some of Quiksilver’s brightest young talents in Lungi Slabb and Joel + Hughie Vaughan with waking up at sparrows, surfing Dbah, Snapper and Burleigh in one-day, on a diet strictly limited to complex carbohydrates, in a car that only sometimes works.

See their remarkable results below.

While Slater’s meal plan that’s seen him surfing past 50 with the grace of a swan will undoubtedly form more talking points on health + wellness pods, it’s comforting to see Occy’s staple dishes of choccy milk and B+E’s still on trend with the Tik Tok generation, albeit fuelling incredibly athletic feats. 

You can read about Lungi Slabb’s recent incredible under-the-lip-takeoff to double-barrel at Kirra here.

Watch Hughie Vaughan’s skitish SEOTY entry ‘Nibbler’ here.

Joel Vaughan just qualified for the Challenger Series (CS) after winning the 5000 at Newy for the second year in a row, and taking out the entire Australia/Oceania region rankings. He goes huge in heats and is the silent assassin with chances of making the top 10 this year, IMO.

For added gastronomical inspiration, you can read Paul Evans’ exhaustive list of the best post-surf foods, ranked here.

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