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How Did Sydney’s Hottest Landscape Architect Stack So Many Clips Less Than 10Kms From Centrepoint Tower? 

Fraser Dovell is a man of culture, taste and jabbing North Av lefts in the guts. 

Words by Ethan Davis
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“He’s just a class act really. Smart, handsome, studious, well-mannered, cooks well, tears at golf, won Aussie titles as a massive underdog. Fuck, what else? Knows how to take care of shit, can also blow the back out of it pretty good,” butters Holly Wawn, a fellow Northern Beaches native and Fraser Dovell’s childhood bestie. 

You see very few clips shot in Sydney these days. Reason being: the waves are crowded and probably better somewhere else. The luxury of skipping your day job to chase waves isn’t a freedom afforded many, and Fraser who makes his crust primarily designing gardens fit for an imperial conquest, unfortunately cashed all his time-off flying to Russia the day they invaded Ukraine – you might have recognised his cute face from the award-winning ‘Corners of the Earth’ documentary

Born the one and only son of a sweet British mama and Sepo naval-architect papa – whose proprietary tech informed the design of the iconic H2 fin favored by Slater in his prime, ‘Fraz’ can transition out of surf-dog-degenerate lexicon into professional, corporate consultant as seamlessly as he belts North Avalon lefts. 

“When you surf with lords like TC and Bainy everyday, you’ve always got someone to look up to,” says Fraz.

As a youth Fraz was sponsored by Rip Curl for his panache on the log, before going Julian Wilson-spec and drawfing his entire quiver into frisky Misfit Bulldoves“an adaptable HP shorty for everyday conditions that you can still fucking push on”. 

Shocked by the worldly academic horsepower he swings about haphazardly, I pressed Fraz on the key differences between surfers from cities and small coastal towns. “Life isn’t all just surfing in the city, I guess. There’s so many different people around doing really cool shit, and I’ve always naturally gravitated towards that world of design. The challenge now is just juggling it all,” he laughs. 

As a labor of love, Fraz also makes furniture when he’s got a spare second. “I love doing that stuff. Especially weaving chairs. My folks have a little workshop in Av where I’ll go build stuff as a way to unwind. It’s nice to have a hobby which doesn’t require talking heaps.”

Yep, wholesome and practical too – 0/10 would recommend introducing him to your missus. 

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