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Ethan Ewing with Diego Sardinha and Luiz Fagundes, two prominent jiu-jitsu trainers.

Private Jets, Wave Pool Grand Openings, Açai, And Lots Of Surfing.

What have CT surfers been doing the past 4 lay days in brazil?

news // Jun 28, 2023
Words by Christian Bowcutt
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Today marks the 4th consecutive lay day at the Rio Pro.

And, given the forecast, the event likely won’t run until Friday.

So, what do the world’s best surfers do on their days off? We asked around and here’s what we’ve dug up. Hint: Being paid to stand on a surfboard can be a charmed existence.

Luckily, the final day of the waiting period is July 1st. We are looking forward to Friday’s “mar agitado”. Credit: Surfline

Fly Like A G6:

We’ve seen clips and heard talk of a certain group of high-profile surfers flying on a private jet to the Boa Vista Village for the official Grand Opening of that double-air-section wave we’ve been seeing constant clips of.

So, we dug up the details to confirm the facts: Italo Ferreira, Carissa Moore, Steph Gilmore, Ryan Callinan, and Gabriela Bryan flew in on a private jet to the Perfect Swell x Boa Vista Village wave pool. They came straight into the water, did a two-hour expression session and flew back to Saquarema. Boa Vista Village actually paid for the private jet to fly them over for the grand opening. Italo also has a deal with Boa Vista Village, he’s not an investor but he’s able to come and train and use it at his leisure.

That explains all the recent clips we’ve seen from Italo in his own “private Idaho”.

We also learned how exactly Boa Vista residents are able to use the pool: The grand opening marks the first day that the pool was open to community residents. So, the residents can now open the app, see what time slots are available, click a surf time and they can surf all day, any day from here on out provided they pay their membership fees.

Carissa Moore post P-Jet sojourn.

Ethan Ewing talks about fight club:

“Going to be pretzeling the keyboard warriors in no time,” commented Jacob Wilcox. After the surf ranch, Ethan Ewing received a death threat saying, “Saquarema will be your funeral.”

Ethan ignored the keyboard hate and teamed up with two prominent Brazilian jiu-jitsu trainers to practice on the mats.

Gabriel Medina surfs teeny-tiny Saquarema a little too well:

Gabe posted this clip yesterday of himself generating serious speed on minuscule Saquarema waves. He would be a force to be reckoned with in 1980s-no-waiting-period ASP contests.

Zero off days for Filipe and fam:

Filipe supports his very large extended family through his surfing. He takes it very seriously. So, on lay days he rallies up the fam for some training.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of professional surfers utilizing their PTO to great effect. Friday and Saturday are lining up to be solid and we’ll see if Filipe can take home his 4th consecutive (and 5th total) win in Brazil.

Até a próxima.


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