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Watch: ‘Vacuum’ – A Surf Film Directed By Kai Neville

Featuring the entire Epokhe team + unseen footage of Occy from the Green Iguana days. 

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Watch Vacuum here. 

A mammoth month in surf cinema. 

November 2023 saw the release of Noa Deane’s ‘Mash’, Harry Bryant’s ‘Motel Hell’, Russell Bierke’s ‘Outer Edge of Leisure’, Torren Martyn’s ‘Calypte’ and Kai Neville’s ‘Vacuum’. 

The adage ‘when it rains it pours,’ comes to mind. ‘Coz lawd it’s wet out here.

The good news is ‘Vacuum’ is like watching clouds part. 

“I can’t remember seeing this many people at premieres since Strange Rumblings,” Noa Deane told Stab. “The energy around surf films lately has been insane. Russ and Harry’s prems were packed to the brim, and I know that Epokhe one was maxed out too.”

Noz isn’t wrong. It was absolutely chockers. I was stuck behind a pilon for most of it getting drinks spilled on me. I’ve never seen so many high-profile surfers/industry heads in one room. 


Phrased an intrusive thought: if a bomb went off at the Northern on Friday the 18th Nov, about 20 of your favorite surfers (according to the Stab readers survey of 7000 people) would have turned to dust, Inglorious Basterds style.

Hopefully that drills the point home: surf films are back. And this one from Nevsy is unsurprisingly aspirational. 

Special shoutout to Lungi Slabb’s frontside tube laybacks — hang that shit in a museum. And Jaleesa Vincent for doing this.

If you’re wondering why the link isn’t embedded here, it’s by design.

Head over to their site to watch the full movie. And while you’re at it, maybe buy yourself a pair of sunnies that you’ll care about losing.

Watch Vacuum here. 

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