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Stab’s Best Unpaid Words Of The Week

Edition 104.

Words by Michael Ciaramella

Another week, another dollar. That’s what they say, right?

Unless you’re Conrad Carr, in which case another week is another 14,000 dollars. Or JOB, another week another novelty. Parker Coffin, another week another bog. Another Fiji another Kava. Another Wright another injury. Another Blakey another giggle. Another Monday another LFTE. Another wavepool another contest. Another Kiwi another legend. Another Morgan another what the fuck, Morgan?. And last but not least, another Coffin another J-Bay (sans bogs).

That’s what our commentariat feasted on this week, and we hope you’re feeling full but not entirely stuffed. Like, at least willing to consider desert. Because we’ve got some things in the oven that might be worth a cheat day. 

Oh and our dog ran away again, so here’s StabStaff’s most favoritest unpaid words of the week. 


10. 10 Photos Of Jordy Smith Testing The World’s Best Surfboards


09. Conner Coffin’s Annual JBay Salvo


08. Watch: Stab In The Dark 2017


07. Watch: Stab In The Dark 2017


06. Watch: Kyle Galtes Has Been Resurrected In Indo!


05. How A Fin To The Skull Might Have Saved Trav McCoy’s Life


04. Apres Lowers, Avant France


03. The Blakey Brothers Tell All


02. Always Say “Yes” To A Free Hoverboard


01. 10 Photos Of Jordy Smith Testing The World’s Best Surfboards



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