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12-year tour vet Owen Wright is on the chopping block. Does this mean the system is broken?

Stab Podcast: The Mid-Year Cut Kerfuffle, Explained

Cry is free. A world tour is not.

stabfm // Apr 15, 2022
Words by Michael Ciaramella
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

During a recent live-episode recording of Ain’t That Swell, WSL CEO Erik Logan was invited on stage to discuss all things professional surfing.

According to a source in attendance, Erik was booed by a large majority of the crowd, who took issue either with his perceived impact on professional surfing or his new moon boots. One cannot be sure.

But the jeers didn’t pierce Elo’s thick midwestern skin — he embraced the Aussie banter and even threw it back at them as he exited the stage.

“Where ya goin, Elo?” said an audience member, as Erik was making his way toward the bathroom.

“I’m going to rinse my corn,” he replied, referencing a signature ATS phrase in a very clever way, causing an eruption of laughter in the process.

Corporate and quirky as he may seem, Elo knows how to play the game. He recently rebuked a petition signed by a majority of his League’s stars with a mic-dropping manifesto of his own, stunning surfers and fans around the world.

His primary message? Cry is free. A World Tour is not.

In this week’s episode of The Drop, Buck and I break down the whole mid-year cut kerfuffle, along with a few other newsworthy topics. Here’s a timecoded breakdown of the ep.

– WSL Responds to Surfer Petition (1:30)
– Serial Surf pest (25:00)
– Why You Won’t Get A Deal On Your New Surfboard (32:00)
– Surfing’s first 360 flip?! (36:00)
– Surf sin (43:40)

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