Stab Magazine | How Are Pros Getting To Indo, And Is John Florence's New Brand Gonna Make It?

How Are Pros Getting To Indo, And Is John Florence’s New Brand Gonna Make It?

Introducing a new/old podcast, The Drop. 

stabfm // Sep 10, 2020
Words by stab
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During the 2017 Hawaiian season, we started a podcast called The Drop. It was hosted by Shane Dorian and Nathan ‘Noodles’ Webster, and the first episodes (featuring Ronnie Blakey, Christian Fletcher, etc.) were promising. 

Following Hawaii, the reality of Doz and Noodles living on different continents reared its head, and the show fell off after just four episodes. That was our first push into podcasting. 

Since then, we’ve started a number of other shows that have held a variety of lifespans and trajectories. The Stab MIC (hosted by Stab founder Sam McIntosh) started with similar zeal but has been dormant for six months. The Stab CUSP (hosted by myself and CT coach Stace Galbraith) has been slowly but surely chugging along since this past December, despite our current competitive reprieve. Stab Unplugged (hosted by Sam Macintosh and Mick Fanning) popped up in response to covid but has also been on a short hiatus. 

How Ashton Goggans hasn’t started his own pod yet remains a mystery. That man could talk his way clear through China’s Great Wall. 

As you probably know, one of Stab‘s most recent hires is Danny ‘Wet Lettuce’ Johnson, a creative genius and digital jack of all trades. Having sharpened his podcast fangs with the Swellian boys, Danny was eager to expand our portfolio within this modern medium and pitched a new show to the team. 

Essentially it’s a weekly news recap, featuring interviews with Stab writers who penned the most impactful stories of the week. Hardly a revolutionary concept, albeit a necessary one in our increasingly non-literate world. No one goes to dot-coms to read 800 words anymore, so if your stories aren’t reformatted for multi-platform consumption, they basically didn’t happen. 

So we threw around some names.

This Week In Surfing – take by Coastalwatch
Stab Extract – too sitcky
Saturday Stab – more than a little sexual

Then, a novel idea: why not just re-appropriate a pre-existing, currently dormant Stab entity?

And so, The Drop is back. This time sans Shane Dorian, and instead of Noodles we have his illegitimate son, Danny Johnson, as the host. Each week it will feature a number of Stab writers who covered the most important topics in surfing.

This is the pilot. It was meant to go out last Saturday, hence the relative maturity of the ‘news’. Let us know what you think. 

Time codes for the impatient:

Surfer Dies After Shark Attack At Rainbow Bay, Coolangatta
With Ashton Goggans and Stace Galbraith

Recap of the week in surf
With Danny Johnson

Which CTers Just Hopped On A Sneaky Boat Trip To The Ments?
With Taylor Paul

John Florence Unveils His New Brand, Florence Marine X
With Sam McIntosh

Noa Deane’s Electric Acid Surfboard Test 
With Ashton Goggans


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