Stab Magazine | Watch: The Best (And Biggest) Day Of Oma So Far

Watch: The Best (And Biggest) Day Of Oma So Far

Featuring Jack Freestone, Mitch Crews, Tai ‘Buddha’ Graham and more!

Words by Jake Embrey

“It was the biggest its been so far with some crazy barrels” Jack Freestone told Stab about this session. And now that we’ve seen the above videographic evidence, we concur. 

This morning, when hitting Mitch Crews up about potential beach erosion, he hit back saying he just got in from “10-foot scary barrels. It’s the biggest day today.” Crewsy is a good as source as any when it comes to the Goldy, but what rolled into our Dropbox a few hours later was unexpected. A session which warrants the step-off not only warranted but utterly fucking necessary. 

“It’s been non stop.” Jack continued. “I have the worst sinus problems and on top of that my eyeballs feel like fucking lava they are so burnt.

“It was pretty chaotic this morning though. There was 11 skis out and it was kinda funny cause everyone was still hassling but with skis haha and one person flipped their ski so bad.”

But what Crewsy followed up with summed up the session best.

“It was just big and gnarly.”

The above clip shot by Scotty Hammonds, features the two mentioned gents, Tai ‘Graham’ Buddha, Toby Mossop, Clark Adam, plus a few blokes copping beltings. 

As we hit publish the gents are heading back out for round 2, so don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last you see of the day’s offerings. 


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