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Watch: Kolohe’s Postcard From The Reckless Isolation Tour

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Words by Ethan Davis
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Stagnant Ambition gets better each week. 

It’s nice that we’re getting to see the creative side of Kolohe. He’s forging a new path for his crew of San Clemente disciples. He’s taking creative and financial risks, elevating talent he backs, and releasing thoughtful clips that are more than just hi-fi surf porn.

It’s legacy stuff you’d hang your hat on. 

The 10-day Reckless Isolation east coast blitz screening the 47-minute feature film, Reckless Isolation, shot in the Mentawais, covered over 1500 miles from Melbourne Beach, Florida to New York. Kolohe dropped close to $300,000USD on RI, despite coming to the end of his 10-year contract with Hurley. 

“Don’t try and make money from this, it’ll come out in the wash,” said Dad Andino to an understandably cagey Kolohe footing the bill. We saw how that panned out. Dad wisdom prevailed, and Kolohe was soon the center of a bidding war between two major endemic surf labels. 

‘Safe in traffic’ gives us a peek behind the scenes from the RI tour. 

It’s cute, and neatly packaged – like a handwritten postcard from a close friend you haven’t seen in a while.

Side note: tipsy Griffin calling out a girl from the crowd to shave her head is incredible.