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Another Waco NBD Inside A Truly Strange Surf Edit

Acroynyms be damned, this clip is worth your attention.

Words by Zack Raffin

Noah Beschen is our new brand of millennial surf star.

The eldest of Shane Beschen’s offspring, Noa has placed his finger on the pulse of what it takes to make it in our new surfing landscape. Sure, the overwhelming talent and heralded surf lineage speak for themselves, but there’s a lot of incredibly talented surfers walking around with blank noses nowadays. Having consistently utilized platforms like Tik Tok/Reels as well as narrating Red Bull’s Inflection Point (directed by our friend Damien Farhenfort), the kid knows how to grab an audience’s attention—something marketing managers are valuing with increasing speed as the media landscape evolves. 

Noa slid into our DMs with the link to his new edit YRUYNN saying this is “very different for a surf video.” Whatever expectations I had before I hit play were immediately thrown out the window. Th narrative includes Noa driving a Lamborghini with a beautiful girl, having the girl “stolen” from him, and Noa coping with the rage of his suppressed young love by tearing through waves. It doesn’t stop there, though. As he gets angrier and more disillusioned by his lost love, Noa’s once blue Lambo changes shades as the moon turns to red. We’re then brought to Waco, where Noa lands a frontside air that we had genuine trouble naming (bigger spin? Skaters, plz halp).

Given the straight-to-Instagram philosophy of many a N(ever)-B(een)-D(one), it’s interesting to see Noa commit to his creative editing rather than making this Waco clip the center of attention. I can’t say I know anything about landing things like this, but I’m sure it’s easy to gloat and hard to resist the temptation of dropping this the second you get to dry land. 

Whatever your thoughts, Noa rips, the edit is extremely different, and the NBD is preposterous. Click in to watch.


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