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Decided: This Is 2017’s Best Boardshort

According to Stab’s A Place In The Sun judges.

cinema // Sep 21, 2017
Words by stab
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We have our winners! Congratulations to: The Critical Slide Society.

Three times Stab has hosted its search for the world’s best boardshort, and three times, The Critical Slide Society have won. Which makes it important to note that when we handed over judging responsibilities to our selectors – Kyle Ng, Luke Stedman and Jake Burghart – we wiped our hands clean: There was no influence over the three men who chose the winners of A Place In The Sun. Which also makes it all the more wild that TCSS have yet again constructed an entry so overwhelmingly good, that three unbiased judges couldn’t look past it. Let’s revisit how they got there:

“Time on the couch and boot sales on the Central Coast of New South Wales were the inspiration for this print,” says the ‘Couch Surfer’ designer, Matt Waters. “We liked the idea of being able to replicate that needle point texture and look. We’ve also put in a slightly wider waistband, a look more consistent with a logger style trunk, and we’ve carved a scallop up the outside leg. Who doesn’t love a scallop? And we reckon they’ve been off the scene for far too long. We’ve also added our signature third eyelet. So you can run them as a 32 or 31-inch waist. It’s got a little stretch and plenty of pockets for ya pizza money. Enjoy the couch in style. We wouldn’t change a thing, they’ve come in pretty much bang on.”

In Stab’s opinion, it was likely the genius of a size-changing waistband that played a large role in the ‘Couch Surfer’ success. Anyways, let’s dive back in:

“The process was pretty team driven,” continues Matt. “We have a super small team in here at HQ. Everyone has a strong and valid opinion. We all generally end up on the same page. So it was a lil design by committee, but in a good collaborative way. No fights.”

And, how about that clip?

“The clip was created and inspired by hours and hours on the couch, re-runs of some of our favourite flicks, picking up key phrases and sayings… Sorting through YouTube and picking the brains of movie buffs. But it all comes back to life on the couch. Stitched up with seasonal graphics. The ‘broader concept’ was to have endorsement via Occy, Johnny Utah and them all throwing the thumbs up.”

At this point, we’ll offer a hand-hurting round of applause to all this year’s A Place In The Sun entries. Stab certainly wasn’t envious of the job ahead of its judges. But any way you slice it, the winning boardshort is a trunk worthy of celebration. Bravo again to The Critical Slide Society. See you on the sand. 


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