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We promise this won't (really) hurt.

Wanna win a new surfboard? We have a custom Chilli ‘Black Vulture’ to gift (plus all the trim you’d expect from a premium dealer). To be in the running, just answer a few questions for us. It won’t take long.

John John Florence Just Secured His Second World Title

Jeremy Flores has just secured Dear John’s second world title, beating Gabriel Medina in the Quarters at Pipe. After notching an Eddie, a Triple Crown and the title into his 2016 credentials, the world's best surfer remains World Champion, and we back it! Our feed will be filling soon with a wrap up of John's year. 

Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast, 3rd Place: 
The start of the season finished in glass slipper fashion. Owen Wright, after suffering a traumatic brain injury before the 2015 Pipe Masters, returned to form with a first place finish and laser-esque backhand assault at Snapper. John lost to Matty Wilko in the Semis after tallying up at least one excellent ride in every heat but one. 

Drug Aware Margaret River Pro, 1st Place: 
At quite large Main Break, John found his own league. While the rest of the top 34 struggled to make sense of the big, wonky and powerful surf, John looked like he was snowboarding, doing long, drawn out wrapping carves, finding tubes, hands down some of the best surfing ever seen in competition. He surfed four heats in the 19-point range, turning a tapered avalanche into a high-performance mecca. 

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach, 3rd Place: 
John Florence’s success on the Aussie leg was bar none. Two semis and one first place finish had chatter of a second title stirring by the third event of 2017. He surfed heats towards perfection. Though Jordy Smith won the event, John made a mess of messy Bells. Including but not limited to this 9.97 oop in Round Four against Mick Fanning and Seabass. 

Oi Rio Pro, 13th Place:
Rio was JJF’s worst result (that counted). Yago Dora, new qualifier and Rio Pro wildcard iced John in round three. Yago finished in the semis after mowing down Kolohe Andino, Gabriel Medina and dear John. 

Outerknown Fiji Pro, 13th Place (Throwaway):
After winning his round one heat at Cloudbreak with an 8 and a 6. John lost his second consecutive event in round three at the hands of Italy’s finest, Sir Leo Fioravanti, in shoulder-high surf, a windshield wiping affair, and John’s throwaway result. 

Corona J-Bay Open, 5th Place: 
While Filipe Toledo rewrote the novel on scoring rides at J-Bay with his back-to-back alley oops, John Florence rode a perfect ten in Round Four then lost to Frederico Morais in Round Five. 

Freddy surfed a 19.77 heat total, and John’s two 9-point rides would fall short. From the eight perfect scores, a boat ride, a shark scare and Kelly Slater breaking his foot, Dear Jeffrey’s solidified its place as the most exciting event on tour. 

Billabong Pro Tahiti, 5th Place: 
The title race got white hot here. Julian Wilson beat Gabriel Medina in the finals, putting Wilson back in the conversation. Jordy Smith beat John in the quarters at messy Chopes. Soon following, we were told relentlessly: It takes a tour to make a title. Which is obvious, don’t ya think? #youmostcertainlycannotscriptthis

Hurley Pro Trestles, 5th Place: 
In its last year before being replaced by Kelly Slater’s Lemoore Surf Ranch, Lower Trestles was owned by San Clemente transplant Filipe Toledo. John John returned to form consistent with 2011-14, and peaked too soon against wildcard Hiroto Ohhara in Round Three, then lost to Jeremy Flores in the quarters. After a few rides in the 9 point range, the waist-to-chest high Lowers walls catered to the high-flying Brazilian dad who beat Jordy Smith in the finals – thus, leaving Jordy in possession of the yellow singlet.

Quiksilver Pro France, 3rd Place: 
Following France, we announced we wanted a rivalry. John v Gabs, or Jules v Gabs. And if we're being honest, it had to be Gabs, if we're ever to have a rivalry that holds a candle to the Kelly Slater and AI dramas. Anyway, surfing needs a rivalry and we will take Brazil vs. Hawaii. Gabby won this event after dropping John in the semis.

MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, 5th Place: 
A dominant Gabs wrote the current World Title scenario, even if the last chapter  Two consecutive wins brought the crowning back to John’s home birthright, the Banzai. John lost to Kolohe in the Quarters putting up an uncharacteristic 3.80 heat total.

"I would love to win Pipe," said John post title win. 

“Yeah it was a great year,” said Gabs. 

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