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Watch: Riot at the Goat Ranch

Snapt5 crew give the old canvas a fresh lick of paint.

Words by Jack O'Neill Paterson
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Not even the heavy-handed curriculum of Slater’s ranch can discipline Mason Ho. He has no taste for symmetry or structure and, to collapse unashamedly into the beaten-to-death cliché – the dude just draws different lines. 

In the latest YouTube upload from Ho and Pringle Productions, we’re treated to a 24-minute, exotically filmed pool party featuring Mase, Ian Crane, and Taro Watanabe, who all happen to be on the roster for the forthcoming surf film, Snapt5.  

Towards the end of the clip, you’ll see a wave or two ridden by the OG playwright behind the Snapt dynasty: Logan ‘Chucky’ Dulien.
After almost 25 years and four era-defining instalments, Snapt5 will be Chucky’s last stand. For anyone partial to a romantic storyline, this reality is akin to swallowing a shard of broken glass.

Snapt 1 & 2, released in the early 00’s and featuring the likes of Mick Fanning, Taj Burrow, Bruce, Andy, and Bobby Martinez, are about as iconic as surf films get. 

Cinematography has changed significantly since.

Those early years of the millennium, so full of chaos and charm, are easy to sentimentalise. But like many others on the front lines of the surf industry during those fledgling years, Chucky became entangled with prescription opioids, and spent the better part of a decade strung out in a haze of dope-sickness. 

After a few visits to rehab, Chucky eventually kicked his addiction, and officially returned to surfing’s consciousness in 2017 with Snapt3, and followed it up with Snapt4 in 2021. 

“I just knew I had to fall back in love with surfing. Doing the film and getting clean, it gave me this double motivation to prove people wrong,” Chucky told Stab back in 2018. 

According to the Snapt5 Instagram, the touching conclusion to the Snapt era is currently in progress, but Clay Marzo’s scintillating Desert Point part has already dropped. You can watch him gargle with nirvana and havoc, here

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