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Unlocked: Clay Marzo’s No-Fucks-Given Desert Point Snapt5 Session

“It reminded me of Andy’s Box session in ‘Raw Irons’. He was ruthless and put on a fucking clinic.”

Words by Holden Trnka
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Who the fuck burns Clay Marzo?

Pretty much the first thought I had after clicking on this clip, which was dropped lovingly in my inbox by the Snapt mastermind Logan ‘Chucky’ Dulien.

“Clay has been to Deserts a few times, but this was the first time he scored it,” Logan told me. “It’s one of those extra crowded waves where nice guys usually finish last behind locals, Brazilians, Aussies, Hawaiians, etc. The waves turned on this day, and so did Clay’s wave count. He was getting faded, he was fading guys — and he put on a show. It was one of those days where a lot of words and plenty of middle fingers were exchanged.

“It actually reminded me of that special day Andy Irons had at the Box during the making of Raw Irons. Love it or not, Andy was pretty ruthless and put on a fucking clinic. Clay did the exact same thing. He got so many keeper clips, I decided to put away his very best three or four for his Snapt5 part, and use the rest for a sick edit.”

Two birds, one tube.

And yes, you read that right.

Snapt5 is coming. 

“Fuck im getting old,” Logan laughs. “I first started making Snapt 24 years ago — its humbling that they’re still relevant today and people care to see another one.”

To our dismay, Logan also breaks the news that this will officially be the last ever Snapt film.

Between raising a family and caring for his mother through a battle with Parkinsons and Dementia, it’s almost time for him to step back from the legacy he’s built.

“For quite a few months, the last thing on my mind was making another movie — I figured making four movies was a good run,” he says. “I still think that. However, we had been filming for months before the situation with my mom, and were sitting on some really good content for Snapt5. I would be kicking myself later on in life if I just quit. I don’t want to go out like that.”

It’s not easy to walk away from having Clay Marzo as your muse.

Getting anywhere from 10 to 15 pro surfers to hold A+ clips for years in the age of social media sponsorships is anything but easy, but Logan has managed it on multiple occasions.

“I don’t have contracts with any of these guys. They don’t owe me anything, it’s all founded on friendships we have built over the years. These guys have helped me keep Snapt alive and I’m really grateful to them.”

The final edition will be titled Snapt5  ‘The Final Cut’ and there will be no cash prize, no judges, and no guidelines.

“This is really just one last go at it for the love of surfing, the surf fans, and my love for surf films.”

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