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Andrew Kaineder And Russ Bierke Collab On New Ocean + Earth Short

From the home of waves that look like aquatic versions of Mark Zuckerberg’s underground bunker.

Words by Holden Trnka
Reading Time: 2 minutes

In partnership with Ocean + Earth for their new Apex board covers, which you can browse here.

“The wave itself is insane. One of the best big wave barrels in Australia for sure,” explains Andrew Kaineder, of the glassy horseshoe featured heavily above. 

“It’s hard to do it justice as a filmmaker because as it breaks, the tube tends to become more almondy. You might be taking off on a 10-foot wave and exiting out of a four-to-six footer. As a viewer, it can lose a bit of its intensity.”

The wave in question lent itself heavily to Russell and Andrew’s collection of our SEOTY Bitcoin, and will likely feature indefinitely through their future projects. Though Russ has been nursing a broken foot through the past few weeks, he and Andrew will be back on the road for a new project soon. 

Above, the two collaborate on a short edit for Ocean + Earth’s new patent-focused board covers — a legitimate bid for the best travel bags in the game, which you can read about here.

“It can be hard to pay the bills in surfing filmmaking nowadays, it’s full of 20 year olds keen to do everything for free,” laughs Andrew. “This project for Ocean and Earth just came about because I work with Russ quite closely. They wanted to create something with a bit more production value to release this product they’d spent a lot of time designing. It felt like this is a new evolution of O+E that they want to continue. 

“They wanted it to stand out a bit in the industry because of how much time they put into the product. As a surf filmmaker, you rarely get budget to do anything, so I often work in docos and stuff as a water cinematographer. I’m not huge on advertising for products, but I guess what got me keen to put the time and energy into this was the actual quality of the product and the fact that they’re backing it with a lifetime warranty. 

“I really care about the environment, but I’m also not an idiot. I know we can’t just stop making products tomorrow, but I’m not keen to advertise products that aren’t well made or are shit for the planet. So when they came to me with this idea and I saw the time they put into the bag and how they were backing it with sustainability, I was down.”

Watch the film above, and read the entire feature on Ocean and Earth’s Apex line here.

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