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How Californians Should Really Look

The new Levi’s Vintage Clothing capsule is golden. 

style // Apr 12, 2018
Words by Stab
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For those (forgivably) unfamiliar, Levi’s Vintage Clothing is the heritage arm of the San Francisco denim goliath, responsible for diving into the brand’s deep archive of styles, cuts, fabrics, etc.* and capturing “the spirit and heritage of American workwear through reproductions of the fits, fabrics and details of bygone eras.”

Now, it’s no secret that American youth have tired of fast fashion, that many eschew modern garb entirely, draping themselves in thrift store garb (thrift and resale stores, at 20-billion dollars in sales, made a mockery traditional retail the last five years). 

For the rare amongst us possessing fairly deep pockets (LVC’s garments ain’t cheap, to say the least), and who is lacking the time and patience to sift through piles of other people’s discards, just this week LVC released a long-awaited throwback California capsule, digging into the post-war culture’s fondness for straight-leg selvedge 501s and aloha prints, chunky wool button downs, high-waisted pants and horizontal stripes.

levis vintage clothing ss18 07

“In past seasons, we’ve featured Western-inspired styles and old-school fits reminiscent of those worn by greasers and beatniks,” writes Levis. “For Spring/Summer 2018, we pay tribute to the Surf Riders who lived on and loved the beaches along the West Coast.”


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

The collection was accompanied by a lookbook torn straight from Don James: tanned, broad-shouldered studs in sturdy canvas chinos and square-backed flannel button downs, faded, well-worn denim and Hawaiian prints, beach bunnies in patterned tops and cut-off dukes, cheeky chambray jumpers.

“The collection recreates iconic Levi’s styles with tops in graphic rayon and linen and bottoms in sun-bleached denim and twill,” gushes High Snobiety. “Tees, patterned shirts, outerwear… a Hawaiian Shirt detailed with a cosmic print of starbursts and planets, along with a retro-inspired spread collar… 1920s Balloon jeans, along with an ultra-wide reproduction of original Levi’s jeans dating back to the early 20th century.”

Here’s LVC’s take on the collection:

“They came of age in the 1940s. Too young to remember the Great Depression and having just missed the call to war. Kids raised on Mark Twain and comic books. Young Americans defined by their passions, eager to live outside the status quo. They surfed all day, camped on the beach, brewed their own liquor and free-dived for fresh lobster. For these Surf Riders, their home was along the West Coast, chasing waves from Tijuana to Malibu and living out the American dream one break at a time.”

Don’t that just sound like a dream? Scroll south and click through the gallery above, for some sepia-toned inspiration dripping with warm nostalgia. 


levis vintage clothing ss18 08


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

levis vintage clothing ss18 14


Levis Vintage Clothing

levis vintage clothing ss18 13


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

levis vintage clothing ss18 20


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

levis vintage clothing ss18 15


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

levis vintage clothing ss18 06


Levi’s Vintage Clothing

*And by “etc.” we mean pieces like this exact reproduction of Albert Einstein’s Menlo Cossack Jacket. 


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