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FERAL x Stab Bring You The Short Arm Of (Y)Our Dreams

Cozy like your favorite hoody, light and limber like a leotard

Words by stab
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The dream was a short-arm full with superior rubber. Built to last. If it could be a color that landed tastefully between don’t-look-at-me black and my-mom-didn’t-hug-me fluoro, that’d be a bonus.

To bring this dream into reality we partnered with FERAL, the San Francisco-based wetsuit company that’s owned and operated by lifelong friends (and talented surfers), Alex Salz and Buzz Bonneau. 

Given that FERAL’s suits are perennial finalists in our annual Best Wetsuits feature, we knew they’d come out great. But having now tested the suit in Southern California’s summer waters, we’re exceedingly impressed. The Yamamoto rubber is cozy like your favorite hoody, but light and limber like a leotard. And the deep blue tint just looks sharp. Have a look.

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