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Watch: The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, Starring Shaun Manners


EAST Giveaway: Shaun Manners’ Stuff!

2 boards, 4 wetsuits, 4 sunnies, 4 grips, 4 garments + 10 Stab Premium memberships are up for grabs.

style // Nov 17, 2023
Words by Stab
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Yo, we’ve got a pretty sweet deal for you. 

With our editors frantically hitting keys in the lead up to the release of the Electric Acid Surfboard Test (EAST) with Shaun Manners, Xcel and Stab Magazine, in partnership with Former, Rage, and Epokhe have decided to run a Holiday promotion for residents of the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll end up talking/walking/surfing exactly like Chun — which is pretty exciting.

Enter your email address here between November 10 and December 31 2023 and you could win:

  • 2 custom boards by Shaun Manners’ father, Matt
  • 2 Xcel Comp X 4/3 wetsuits (men)
  • 2 Xcel Comp X 4.5/3.5 hooded wetsuit (women)
  • 4 Epokhe Shaun Manners “Guilty” sunglasses
  • 4 Rage Shaun Manners signature deck pads
  • 4 Former Shaun Manners collection clothing
  • 10 Stab Premium 1-year memberships

T&C: Winners will be announced January 5th 2024. Contest is open to all 18+ residents of USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Custom Board: between 5’5” and 6’6” with a single color tint.



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