Stab Magazine | How Outerknown Sent Ripples Across The Surf Industry

How Outerknown Sent Ripples Across The Surf Industry

“What are we wearing? Where is it coming from? And who are the people making it?” – Kelly.

Words by Stab

Four years ago, after twenty-three years in his Quiksilver comfort bubble, Kelly announced departure.

Shortly after, he and lead designer John Moore, birthed their apparel baby, Outerknown, backed by French rag traders, The Kering Group.

It was to be a surf brand at heart, but with a high quality, sustainable slant.  

The new venture sent ripples across the industry. And while most applauded, some scoffed at the price tags (as they always do). Surfers often like to sling shit, mostly at things that are either different or expensive, however, Stab believes a clearer conscience is always worth the extra dollars and a biz that puts sustainability at the top of its priority list will always bear immunity to digital ridicule.

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“I think it was lead to start Outerknown just from a long term interest after being sponsored my whole life since I was a little kid, I had this question of what are we wearing? where is it coming from? And who are the people making it? What’s the process it goes through? Something I felt a certain sense of responsibility and accountability in.” – Kelly Slater.

Today, we have the latest Behind The Brand episode from SurfStitch, it’s a brief dip into the life and times of the clothing label started by surfing’s finest and a quick introduction to their first ever performance boardshort; the stitch-free Apex, (which was prototyped at the Surf Ranch!).

There’s also words from Kelly, a zinc-nosed John Moore and current CEO, Mark Walker who honourably states that the brand is “trying to make less stuff, that lasts longer, that’s more versatile and is better quality, so people need less of it.”

Dive in and get woke, or take a stroll down the Outerknown aisles on SurfStitch.


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