Stab Magazine | A Voyage Into The Brazilian Appetite

A Voyage Into The Brazilian Appetite

The joy of sex with Wiggolly Dantas.

style // Sep 2, 2016
Words by Steve Allain
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Sexual debut. My first time was at home, I was like 12 or 13 years old. It was with my girlfriend at the time. We were both young and it was her first time, too. I remember that I turned the radio on and Bob Marley was playing. It was the very first time I ever listened to Marley – two firsts in the same day! Whenever I hear a Bob Marley song, I remember my first time. 

Visual stimuli. I always look at the way a woman walks, fixes her hair, and looks at me. More than having a nice butt or rack, I think it’s all in the eyes, how charming a girl can be without being slutty. The eyes, Chico, they never lie…

Dirty talk. It’s always welcome.

Positioning. Doggy. And that variation on the bed, where it’s doggy and I’m standing behind her, but with my knees kind of bent, like a squat. Yeah, I like that one.

Older women. I prefer something in between: Not too old, not too young. Younger women are full of “no, no’s”, you know? “I don’t do this and don’t do that.” That’s a bit of a turn-off for me. Older women know what they want. They get down to business. You do whatever you want, they say yes and still ask for more. So in that sense older women are better – as long as they don’t look old. 

Foliage. Shaved, all the way. No other way.

Latex. Condoms are good to avoid babies and disease. You need them. But I’ll never use condoms with my girl, catch my drift (laughs)?

Group play. The best threesomes happen when you’re not expecting it. A while ago, I hooked up with this girl at some club or something, and when it was time to take her home she produced a friend. But she simply said we had to give her a lift. When we got home, the chick I was with went to the toilet. The other one was left in the living room with me and before I knew it, we were kissing. Her friend came back and joined the party. I never sensed a vibe with these girls and didn’t even think this is how our night would end. They attacked me! It was a wonderful surprise (laughs).

Toys. My mom owns a sex shop in Ubatuba, so I get to test all the toys and kinky shit. I like those pleasure beads, they’re cool. But what I really enjoyed is this ring you put at the base of your cock. It vibrates and chicks dig it.

Fake breasts. They’re cool, they look good. But nothing beats when a woman has perfect boobs, and they’re real. That’s where it’s at.

Ass play. If the offer is on the table, I will never say no (laughs).

Best time for sex. Anytime! Noon, night-time, afternoon… anytime, all the time.


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