Pete Mel: "I Was Always Poking The Bear — I Just Wanted Attention" - Stab Mag
Pete did go.

Pete Mel: “I Was Always Poking The Bear — I Just Wanted Attention”

Jump on the pod with surfing’s (secretly) most interesting man.

stabfm // Dec 3, 2021
Words by Michael Ciaramella
Reading Time: < 1 minute

It’s that time again. Danny and Buck are here to provide the best hour-twenty drive of your week. 

On this episode of The Drop, we hear about all Buck’s return to competitive surfing — at a wavepool event in Switzerland, no less. We won’t hear the results until next week, but rumor is he’ll be fired if he loses to anyone from Germany or greater Scandinavia. 

Also featured are soundbites from Stab Premium authors Mitchell Shepherd and Jed Smith, who discuss their recent articles on surf activism and shit vlogs respectively. 

Last but certainly not least, we bring Pete Mel on to discuss his brilliant new film ‘Everything and All’, plus some extra insider bits that didn’t make the piece (including the full story behind the Pete x Flea fight scene). 

Find it on Spotify, Soundcloud, or Apple Pods, under the name ‘Stab Podcasts’. 

Timecodes, for the meek:

Intro: 0:00
Buck is surfing in his first comp in a decade (against Swissfolk in a wavepool): 1:30
Team Jaleesa wins Stab Highway, will receive a wild prize: 3:40
Kanoa Igarashi named GQ man of the year: 13:45
Surfers can help change the world: 16:00
The Eddie Will Go?: 20:00
New Treats on Stab Premium: 25:20
Jed Smith Hates Vlogs: 30:00
Surf Sin: 35:30
Peter Mel Interview: 43:00


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