Stab Magazine | Watch: Dane And Jordy Ride Civilian Boards From A Local Surf Shop

Watch: Dane And Jordy Ride Civilian Boards From A Local Surf Shop

A deleted scene from Stab in the Dark All-Stars.

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What if it isn’t a chasm of dedication and skill that separates us from the world’s best surfers, but rather the superior foam beneath their feet?

If you’ve ever thought this before, you’re probably an idiot. Or a genius. After watching how Jordy and Dane performed on civilian surfboards, we’re actually not sure. 

What sits above is a deleted scene from Stab in the Dark All-Stars. The context is as follows:

Jordy and Dane made it to South Africa before Mick, who was responsible for transporting all the boards. With a bit of swell in the water and wanting to soak their travel-sore bodies, the boys were eager for a surf. 

Due to the lack of foam (or neoprene) at their disposal, Dane and Jordy headed down to a local surf shop to pick up some gear. 

SITD AlanvanGysen 0007

Jordy grabbed one of his dad’s stock boards (ironically, a remake of the #44 board that placed third in Jordy’s prior SITD) and a set of fins that he would later refer to as ‘plugs’. Dane rode a channel-bottomed something or other from a friend of Jordy’s. They looked like a couple of tradesmen who’d just gotten off their shifts, and didn’t surf much better.

In fairness, the waves were quite weak and wobbly, with a cross-wind that ruled airs out entirely. Had they been on their most refined blades, it still would have been difficult to bag a clip. But it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that many Stab readers have put on comparable performances in the past month.

Which raises the question: are we all just one elite surfboard away from being generation-defining surfers?

Of course fucking not. But this was a fascinating case-study nonetheless.

See below for a gallery from the day by our pal Alan Van Gysen.

SITD AlanvanGysen 0001
SITD AlanvanGysen 0004
SITD AlanvanGysen 0017
SITD AlanvanGysen 0019


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