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Now Live: "Zipper" — A Film By Stab & Monster

Lungi Slabb and a reason for the world not to end, just yet.

Come, Armageddon, Come

Just kidding, Pretty Physics is back, and the world is a slightly better place for it.

cinema // Mar 9, 2024
Words by Pedro Ramos
Reading Time: 2 minutes

“The title is satirical, it’s a joke cos it feels like everything is going to shit.”

Whether the title for Wade Carroll’s new short came to him during a nihilistic spasm at the sight of a mid-period, east-southeast swell wrapping into the Superbank, or simply from the masochistic inclination of refreshing BTC tickers over the last couple months, END ALREADY ironically marks a new beginning for the Northern Rivers based filmmaker. Well, not quite…

Heaven, hell, and everything in between.

Initially intended as a b-roll cemetery of sorts, Pretty Physics served as an online repository for Wade’s unused footage, primarily collected during commissioned outings for the mountain and the wave. Free from the pressure and deadlines associated with commercial work, short films like DUMP, EARF, and RETIREMENT were added to the site, revealing an unconstricted and experimental approach, inadvertently bringing out an antipodean answer to Chapter 11.

Pretty Physics just re-entered the vlogosphere, and aside from Wade missing out on a hefty sum of Satoshis from his and Kael Walsh’s SEOTY win, is everything really going to shit, or do we perceive the world as such because whatever bad stuff is out there seems to find its way to our corneas faster than the good does?

Pako hit peak performance on one of Matt Hoy’s old Pacific Dreams, only for Mikey to later borrow it and snap it.

Filmed during the catastrophic floods of 2022 in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, Lungi Slabb, Mikey Wright (who was rescuing people in a thundercat between sessions), Rolo Montes, Creed McTaggart, and Joel Paxton stack almond-shaped tubes and potent rail gouges at three of the region’s most iconic right-hand point breaks. And unless we’re counting roundhouse rebounds, no lefts have been approached in its making.

We could tell you to hit play for that alone. However, if negativity bias teaches us anything, it’s that you’d be far more inclined to do so if we teased you with Joel Paxton slipping into a Lennox Rocks worthy entry, Mikey Wright getting sucker-punched by a twinnie, or a pair of middle-aged men acting upon their repressed homoerotic desires in plain sight of the crowd at one such fabled Australian point break.


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