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Photo by Brian Bielmann

Three Days, Countless Tubes, and $465,000 Later

A complete 2022 Vans Pipe Masters photo gallery

Words by Holden Trnka
Reading Time: 5 minutes

The inaugural Vans Pipe Masters is officially complete and, thankfully, it was worth the wait.

If you missed yesterday’s comp wrap, or didn’t get a chance to watch all the action, you can tune into all the highlights and replays here.

Between bombing second reef closeout sets, 11am ales, and a handful of heavy fades, there was an unlimited supply of action to keep up with. Luckily, there was a pit-crew of photogs documenting the affair, and we’ve included the digital fruits of their labor below.

Scroll down for a complete visual experience of the historical 2022 Vans Pipe Masters, and see if you can deduce where the rest of the $465,000 prize purse went (hint: it was transported via paper bag).

Men’s results:
1. Balaram Stack ($100k)
2. Griffin Colapinto ($60k)
3. Kaulana Apo ($30k)
4. Joao Chianca ($15k)

Women’s results:
1. Molly Picklum ($100k)
2. Bettylou Sakura Johnson ($60k)
3. Caity Simmers ($30k)
4. Carissa Moore ($15k)

This was a small one, on the day. Photo by Brian Bielmann
Mahina Florence never let on that it was her first time as a beach reporter and performed like a true veteran. Contest director Nathan Fletcher approves. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Moody Pipeline. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Apparently, Mason Ho was telling the other guys in his heat where to sit and which waves to go on. He still clearly knew which one he wanted. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
From the surfers’ POV. Photo by Brian Bielmann
Sand makes Pipeline…interesting. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
The dance floor is diamonds. Photo by Christa Funk
Clearly, Haz isn’t scared of a pre-lunch ale. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
A suspicious-looking assembly of mischief-makers, carrying large bags-o-cash. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
The wave Eithan had been waiting for. Photo by Christa Funk
Grom looks to turn Bettylou’s broken sled into a boogie board. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Eithan Osborne replaced Kelly Slater, and bagged one of the best waves of the event — in a pair of very long boardshorts. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Yago Dora, reminding us that he’s definitely a CT surfer. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Watching your daughter head into battle at one of the most dangerous waves in the world? Nervous proud dad moment. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Hawaiian Kaulana Apo bagged two of these in the last heat before the finals, sneaking from the bottom half of the leaderboard to #1 heading into the final. Photo by Christa Funk
Needless to say, it was a proud moment for the local boys. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Statue (of Liberty)-esque Photo by Jimmy WIlson
Tatiana Weston-Webb, all smiles heading into battle. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Griffin Colapinto and Joao Chianca looking extremely relaxed prior to their heated, paddle-battle-filled final. Photo by Jimmy Wilson.
Balaram Stack’s $100,000 pig-dog. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
“The Volcom house is burning down tonight.” Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Balaram’s new film ‘Hail Mary’ is heavily focused on his mother, who made a gracious cameo after the New Yorker’s victory. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Sierra Kerr, Pua Desoto, and the burn heard around the (surfing) world. Apologies were accepted and hugs were given. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Carissa Moore, poised and ready to face the younger generation of CT surfers. Interestingly, the entire Women’s final featured upcoming 2023 CT athletes. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Molly Picklum was one of them, and she was pickin em. Photo by Christa Funk
Glory, glory, Molly Picklum. Get yourself a down-payment on a house girl! Photo by Jimmy Wilson
Two mermaid trophies, a whole lot of flowers, and $200k. Photo by Jimmy Wilson
That’s all, folks. Photo by Christa Funk

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