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The SEOTY Bitcoin Is Up To $63K AUD, 14 People Are In Contention To Win It

(Re)watch the lot of them and tell us your favorite. 

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The deadline to submit a SEOTY entry for 2023 has passed. That means it’s cRuNcH time. 

We had 13 entries this season from all over: six from Australia. Hawaii, America, France, Spain, Portugal, Peru and Germany all had one entry each. 

All things being equal: Australia has a 46% chance of taking a Bitcoin home. Oi, oi, oi etc. 

$63K AUD tax free works out to be worth more than the average annual salary after tax – not a bad chunk of change at all. 

This year, the Stab Surfer Of The Year poll accounts for 100% of the vote.

90% of the SSOTY poll consists of the 50 most influential voices in surfing.

The other 10% comes from the Stab Premium audience. 

Here I made a graph to illustrate. 

Watch them all below. The poll will be sent to our Premium database in the next few days.

Wandering’ — Liam O’Brien

‘Bell Jar’ — Caity Simmers

‘Repthrillians’ — Lucas Godfrey

‘Cult Of Freedom’ — Shaun Manners

‘Águila’ — Leon Glatzer

‘I Love You’ — Zoe McDougall

‘Bad Influencer’ — Hugo Ortega

‘Into Dust’ — Jacob Willcox

‘Tropical Popsicle’ — Miguel Blanco

‘Melting Mind’ — Charly Quivront

‘Foncho’ — Alonso Correa

‘Blow In’ — Noah Lane

‘Surfish’ — Grayson Hinrichs

‘Outer Edge of Leisure’ — Russell Bierke

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