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The Backdoor Shootout Finals Are On, Watch Here

The leaderboard is tight, and the waves are firing.

news // Jan 16, 2022
Words by Michael Ciaramella
Reading Time: < 1 minute

The Final day of the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout has just commenced. You can watch it above.

The waves are 10-12 feet with the occasional Second Reefer. It should be firing all day long.

Today they’re running 33-minute heats. If the waves stay good, each team will surf twice. Here’s today’s schedule:

As for the current standings? They look like this:

*Note: Individual scores are top three waves.

Team Florence (95)
John Florence: 27.5
Eli Olson: 26
Ivan Florence: 21.5
Nate Florence: 20

Da Hui Japan (90)
Guy Sato: 25
Daiki Matsunaga: 23
Riaru Ito: 22.5
Taichi Wakita: 19.5
Shinpei Horiguchi: 15

Quiksilver (89.5)
Zeke Lau: 27
Reef McIntosh: 24
Koa Rothman: 20
Joey Johnson: 18.5
Cody Young: 16

Snapt4 (89)
Mason Ho: 27
Barron Mamiya: 23
Benji Brand: 22
Parker Coffin: 17

Peruvian Tubos Team (84.5)
Joaquin Del Castillo: 25
Alonso Correa: 23.5
Gabriel Villaran: 18.5
Cristobal del Col: 17.5
Alvaro Marlpartida: 16.5

Volcom (82)
Balaram Stack: 24.5
Jack Robinson: 22.5
Makana Pang: 17.5
Kaimana Henry: 17.5
Mikey OShaughnessy: 5

Da Hui Wax (75.5)
Billy Kemper: 28
Makua Rothman: 18
Kai Lenny: 16.5
Kala Grace: 13
Jamie O’Brien: 5

Mana Wahine (51.5)
Moana Wong: 17
Bethany Hamilton: 12.5
Keala Kennely: 11.5
Bianca Valenti: 10.5

Who will win? Gotta watch to find out.


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