Stab Magazine | Jetski Runs Over Freesurfer At Uluwatu, Results In Facial Fractures And A Split Head

Jetski Runs Over Freesurfer At Uluwatu, Results In Facial Fractures And A Split Head

12 stitches and a whole lot of explaining to do…

news // Nov 9, 2016
Words by stab
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Step-offs are a damn good time. And when you’re paddling spots where a ski’s not fully necessary but will lighten your workload, seeing a team incites jealousy. You feel it in your burning shoulders, crooked neck, and back adjustments courtesy of a few hard copped beatings. When you come up for breath only to see a stacking sea ahead of you and a team of two zips past on their PWC, paddling seems overrated.

Some days and spots call for skis, and others should be paddled by the everyman. Yesterday, at Uluwatu was a day for paddling and Matt Duff’s head suffered a harsh greeting with a 400-pound motorised vehicle.

According to Indo Surf Life, “One of the owners of Padang-Padang surf camp hit the free surfers with jet ski while towing his mate at Uluwatu.” 

Well, it could’ve been worse… Photo: Indo Surf Life

Kiwi-born, Aussie-raised Ex-pat, professional surfer/musician/that guy you want to kick it with in Bali took to social media to report the status of his freshly-mauled friend:

The bro is ok and home now. 12 stitches to his head and multiple fractures in his nose but he’s sweet. Can’t remember anything after paddling for the wave till he was being looked after on the cliff. However, whoever helped him in Thank You. Tosca and the local boys! Sksma

For a mad Maori with a nickname “Freaky” I’m surprised how calm he is…for now. To the two clowns on the ski’s you know who you are, I’ve already spoken to you both and let you know what’s up! Looking forward to catching up and having a nice quiet cup of tea with you and the bro’s. Before everyone jumps on the anti-ski waggon, if you know how to drive one and where to drive one they’re sweet. But not in this case. Chur Cuzz glad your ok!!


12 stitches, multiple fractures and a warranted yet trivial apology.

Yesterday was a few feet overhead, hardly acceptable to tow. But if you’re going to take a ski out with your pal, a popular break like Uluwatu is one of the last places to be whipping a machine around the lineup. 15 madmen paddling out of control SUPs on a head high Saturday at Lowers seems safer for the weekend horde…slightly. 


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