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It's finally happening.

Introducing Our Next Major Project: Stab Highway Presented By Monster Energy

Like Thrasher’s King Of The Road, but a little wetter.

news // Oct 2, 2021
Words by Stab
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This is gonna be fun.

How long could you go only wearing a wetsuit? And how long could you last eating only (Australian-style) pies? 

What’s the best roundhouse cutback to air on the rebound someone could do? What would it look like if a surfer tried to ride a board with absolutely no traction or wax? And will anyone swim across an East Coast Australian river with a steak attached to their body these days? 

These (among many others) were questions we wanted to be answered. So, we gathered sixteen surfers, grouped them into teams, gave them vans, allotted them ten days, and set them free on the coast of New South Wales. We called it Stab Highway presented by Monster Energy.

But before the vans took off, we handed each participant a copy of this booklet. It’s the Stab Highway bible, breaking down everything the surfers would need to know about the trip — including which 1991 hit song they’d have to perform in public. 

This new Stab Premium series will be released over eight episodes airing every Thursday (US), starting on October 7. The first episode will be free, but the subsequent seven will require a Stab Premium membership to view.

Here are the official four-(wo)man squads.

This booklet will drive all of our teams’ decisions for the next 10 days.

Team Jaleesa
Jaleesa Vincent
Shaun Manners
Noa Deane
Wade Goodall

Team Holly
Holly Wawn
Harry Bryant
Dakoda Walters
Reef Heazlewood

Team Pacha
Pacha Light
Dion Agius
Sheldon Simkus
Mackenzie Bowden

Team Macy
Macy Callaghan
Chippa Wilson
Coby Perkovich
Benny Howard

Some of our favorite challenges are outlined below.

Best naked surf performance

Best body piercing with ornamental hanging 

Best surfboard to boog transfer

Best tandem surfing wave 

Best air/chop hop over a rock

Tune in October 7th for episode one, you will not want to miss.


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