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How Much Of A “Sport” Is Surfing?

The Misc: What do you have to lose?

news // Oct 11, 2021
Words by Brendan Buckley
Reading Time: 4 minutes

Is surfing a sport? 

That’s a tired question, one that’s already been poked at too many times. But, just for kicks, maybe we can hit from a slightly different angle — let’s ask Google. 

“Surfing is a sea sport made by riding on the waves with the help of a longboard,” it explains. The search engine pulled this very useful information from an article on the website for a Turkish low-cost carrier called Pegasus Airlines. The article also explains why you, as a surfer, should consider tools such as surf shoes and surf googles. If you’re in the mood for enlightenment, you can read it in full here

Moving on. 

Recently, I got roped into an intoxicated game of tennis. It was the only time I’ve ever played tennis and, intoxication aside, I was surprised by how enjoyable it was. Until I lost. Playing a game is fun, but losing is not. It’s annoying. It means that you set out with an objective — to beat the other player or team — and failed. 

In the long run, the game made me hungover, and made me more appreciative of surfing. In surfing, the objective is the experience. It’s special. 

Think about people who like to run — they’re not necessarily competing against each other, at least not day-to-day. However, someone might decide you want to run 5 kilometers. They might also know that they ran 5 kilometers last week and it took them a certain amount of time. You can see how easy it would be to fall into a system where you’re continuously beating or losing to yourself. 

And yeah, it feels good to surf good. But surfing good changes day by day, if not wave by wave, if not section by section. We quite literally have a sea of excuses to shelter us from the reality of a poor performance. 

When you surf, what do you have to lose? 

Realistically: Time, energy, effort, money, MCLs, ACLs, LCLs, dignity, etc…

In other words, just enough risk to keep us coming back.

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Comment of the week: 

What an analogy. 

One last thing: 

If you have a surfboard that isn’t working for you, commit to giving it one more chance before you sell it. Say it out loud. Tell a loved one. Mean it. You will then paddle out and experience the best session you’ve ever had on said surfboard.


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