Stab Magazine | Introducing "The Electric Acid Surfboard Test," Starring Dane Reynolds

Introducing “The Electric Acid Surfboard Test,” Starring Dane Reynolds

Come out, tune in, and turn on at the World Premiere of Stab’s radical, open-minded addition to the Stab In The Dark family, presented by Vans. 

Words by stab

What happens when you bring Dane Reynolds and 10 tripped out surfboards, handshaped by some of the most radical hands dabbling in foam and fiberglass, for a ten-day mind-melter at Mexico’s loveliest sand points? 

Well, you’ll just have to come and see for yourself. 

Stab, Vans and Corona are proud to announce the World Premiere of The Electric Acid Surfboard Test, a radical new addition to the Stab In The Dark family, starring Dane Reynolds, on Thursday, August 2nd, at Pacific City in Huntington Beach. 

The brainchild of Stab‘s Editor in Chief, Ashton Goggans, The Electric Acid Surfboard Test is a celebration of surfing’s experimental tradition, and an exploration of some of the most iconic and disruptive alternative designs, put through their paces by surfing’s favorite design headcase. 

Come out, tune in, and turn on next Thursday night in Huntington, for the chance to meet Dane Reynolds, as well as some of the world class roster of shapers responsible for the acid-splashed eye-openers ridden in the film. 

We’ll be announcing the Acid Test’s impressive posse of shapers, the project’s true Sunshine Makers, next week, as well as a string of international premieres in Australia, New York, and Europe.

The Electric Acid Surfboard Test drops here, online, for free, in early October, but will be available for purchase on iTunes a month earlier, as the film finishes its tour. 

You’re not going to wanna miss this one. 





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