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Brazil World Tour Event To Move From Rio

(Probably definitely)

news // Sep 24, 2016
Words by Elliot Struck
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Rio De Janeiro World Tour stop has had a bumpy couple of years. Let us briefly recall the phenomenon whereby pollution flows from the rivermouth and, in the right swell direction, washes through the very lineup where the Oi Pro is held. Or, Conner Coffin and Carissa Moore witnessing a gas station shooting in the middle of the day which, admittedly, could happen anywhere, but had particularly poor timing given it came following the collapse of Rio’s main contest megastructure and other non-flattering press in the lead up; Many World Tour vets chose to remove themselves from the narrative altogether, with Kelly, Mick, Joel and more simply staying home. 

“I think everyone knows if we have another year in Rio (in 2016) where the waves are average and everyone gets sick, the event probably won’t go ahead there again,” Surfer’s Rep Ace Buchan told Stab prior to this year’s Rio Pro. “You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. We don’t get great waves there so if we’re competing in average waves and everyone is getting sick (from polluted water), I think we’ll be looking at other venues.”


Rio Pro Crowd

You can say what you will about Rio, but it was always a spectacle.


So, reports Stab is hearing that suggest the event will move to Saquarema in 2017, should be met with little surprise.

Saquarema has a rich Brazilian surfing tradition. Back in the 70s, it was home to all the biggest surf festivals; weekend-long (sometimes week-long) affairs consisting of competitive surfing and concerts on the beach, with everyone camping in tents – think Woodstock on the beach, with surfing. The waves are good, too – better than the kind you likely associate with surfing in Brazil (thanks to the Rio event). Former tour surfers Raoni Monteiro and Leo Neves are both from there. And, it’s always been home to competitive surfing in some form, QS or otherwise.

Stab believes this’d be a good decision. Sure, it’s a small town with very little to do (and not without its fair share of freaks and junkies), so not so interesting on the off-days, but wave-wise? It’s 10 times better than Rio. No doubt about it. And, y’know, since it’s a two-hour drive from Rio, the water’s cleaner…

But, this is speculative right now. Don’t expect an official announcement for a minute.



Caio Ibelli says Ciao.


“As for the question concerning the Brazilian leg of WSL next year, we still don’t have a decision made (location-wise),” says WSL South America’s General Manager, Xandi Fontes. “We are studying all possibilities, assessing the pros x cons, costs and logistics together with WSL International, and we will have a final decision probably in mid / late September.”

The WSL’s eternally wonderful Dave Prodan was no less committal: “No decision has been made yet with regards to the 2017 Brazil event. Event organisers and the WSL Commissioner’s Office are exploring all options.”

There’s also been a whole lot of noise about Rio not wanting to foot the bill, which isn’t really fresh jam in Brazil, given the economic status quo. Given aforementioned surf history, we’d like to think Saquarema city would be thrilled to foot the bill.

Keep it locked.


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