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The next two events EE will compete in will be two left tubing reef passes in Tahiti and Fiji. The only time he has surfed a CT at the latter venue was in his rookie year in 2017 — it was just his fifth event appearance, where he finished 25th. Statistically, EE’s best heat averages come at wavepools (15.13), followed by point breaks (13.55), beach breaks (11.93) with reef breaks coming in dead last (11.17). A testing month lies ahead...

In This Instalment Of MTV Cribs… Ethan Ewing

A character-revealing profile on the Olympian and World #5 + a complimentary Fiji preview

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 2 minutes

After getting repeatedly rinsed in each opening round of the Wahu Surfer Groms Comp series in Sydney, I was just coming to terms with the fact I probs wasn’t going to be the next Slater — whose pensive black & white K11Y mugshot gazed quizzically upon my bedframe.

Resolutely, I widened my goalposts to simply being “the best surfer called Ethan in the world”. A lesser distinction I could still swallow. Perhaps I would rank #1 on SEO if you typed in ‘ethan surfer’ into the search engine. Hopefully my surname could one day carry a certain redundancy like a ‘Mick’ or ‘Steph’ – you know who I’m talking about.

That would be sweet enough, I supposed.

So you can only imagine the upwelling of dread I experienced upon uncovering the shots of 13-YO Ethan Ewing at Racetracks. AI-esque hands hanging low under broad shoulders, hips thrust forward, that immaculate diff engaged as he, without missing, nipped and tucked and decimated each protruding lip with a panache unlike that of any fledgling in our cohort.


This latest Creatures ‘Packed’ piece is the first of four profiling their star-spangled roster. This one shows Eth at home, in his heart + soul North Straddie pad furnished with flotsam, rusted boating paraphernalia + dog hair from his staffy. It’s ‘roots’ as Goggans might say (not David, Ashy). His relaxed demeanor, a byproduct of being removed from the context of horns, jerseys + sponsored ladders. 

It’s probably the most candid and character-revealing piece we’ve seen from him where he divulges his affinity for French culture + women, window seats, upgrades, Tool, Metallica and Tame Impala, and his distaste for plane food, among other things.

You can read the Stab interview with the 2x CT winner here.

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