Stab Magazine | Board Covers You Can Thrash, Drag, And Still Sneak Under The Weight Limit

Board Covers You Can Thrash, Drag, And Still Sneak Under The Weight Limit

Creatures of Leisure’s diamond tech fabric. 

Words by stab

Board covers are a necessity for any surfer. Whether that be preventing dings between the car and house, or transporting a serious quiver between consecutive international transfers.

Creatures Of Leisure have conjured up a fabric that follows the typical lines of surf technology improvement. You know the deal, lighter, stronger, and longer lasting.  

The tech Creatures have employed is engineered with practicality in mind. Knowing full well what it will go through, and therefore ensuring it’s built well enough to deal with the flogging it will inevitably cop. Dragged across a bitumen carpark, lugged up an airport staircase, or left on the rocks while you surf a secluded beachie.

The diamond-tech material is custom-made interwoven dobby fabric that Creatures developed. It has an industry leading tear-strength and is abrasion resistant, so it’ll last when you’re dragging it around between surfs. 

You can take our word for it too. I personally lugged five of this year’s Stab In The Dark boards in a Creatures Multi Tour, and we wouldn’t take risks with cargo of that nature.

That’s the strength aspect covered.

Diamonds, get it.

The other promotable quality is lightness.

The material used is strengthened by the diamond-tech weave, but the material of its own accord is light – especially compared to other covers on the market. For example, their triple board bag comes in at 2.8kg, almost a kilo under the next lightest in the board cover market. 

And considering the added weight cost that most airlines will slap on top if you slip over their 23kg weight limit, it’s worth considering your board bag purchase. Aside from weight limits, no ones going to complain about a lighter load when they’re dragging their boards hungover to the airport. Hell, I’m fairly certain all surfing related shoulder injuries are caused by board bags in the first place.  

The diamond-tech fabric is across their range from the Day Use covers upwards. Whether you want something to drag around between the beach and back, or a five-board capable case to last longer than the boards inside, there’s something on offer.

Plus, there’s a 12 month warranty across their range, but good luck breaking them. 

Head over to their site here. 


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