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Photo by Remy Brand

When A Glacier Collapse Creates Perfect Frozen Novelty Waves

The first Stab X Coopers film comp submission is ice cold.

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Reminder: Coopers & Stab Are Hunting For Underground And Original Australian Cinematographers. 

Winner gets $5K, a truckload of glory, and a job shooting one of our next major projects. All of the relevant information lives in the above hyperlinked page, but we’ll give you an abbreviated version below.

Coopers and Stab are looking to celebrate the unsung heroes of surf cinema who capture our favorite moments in surfing in aesthetically-delighting technicolor bits. This is about elevating surf filmmakers who make remarkable things with a template that allows their gestalt of visual and audio to do the storytelling. 

But first, let’s shout a quick props to our first Real to Reel entrant, Remy Brand, a surf filmmaker and photographer from Sydney whose day-to-day commercial work appears in various campaigns from Ferrari, Samsung, Aperol, and more. 

Remy’s recent short film ‘Cold Water Therapy’, documenting 3 Australian childhood friends exploring the raw, unforgiving Alaskan Winter in hopes of scoring uncrowded surf shot entirely on a mobile phone, was nominated for multiple film awards including the Independent Shorts Award and the Flickerfest International Short Film Prize. 

Remy flexes a formidable list of accolades with fair-dinkum land, water, and drone cinematography skills to boot.

Think you’ve got what it takes to give Remy a run for his money? Let’s see it folks. Deadline is the end of this month, we are awaiting impatiently.

Entry details, assets, prompts, T&C’s and more can be found on the Real to Reel landing page here.