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The Highest & Flyest Performance-Based Challenges From Stab Highway Presented By Monster Energy

Rinse off the hangover and shoot for the sky.

features // Oct 19, 2021
Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: 3 minutes
Haz, pretty fly for a white guy. Photo by John Respondek.

Ep 3 of Stab Highway presented by Monster Energy drops this Thursday at 6 pm (PST or 12 AEDT) for our Stab Premium members.  

Inspired by Thrasher’s ‘King of the Road’, Stab Highway presented by Monster Energy features 16 of Australia’s best surfers on a 10-day road trip through NSW. Four teams comprised of four surfers each led by Holly Wawn, Pacha Light, Macy Callaghan, and Jaleesa Vincent will compete in 30 challenges for the chance of starring in an exclusive Kai Neville surf film.

Watch episode 1 to see who won best wave on a board without traction.

Watch episode 2 to see who won best kneelo tube, best standup wave on a boog, and best team party wave.

Previously, we covered the first 10 surf challenges, here, and the following 10 land-based challenges, here.

This week we will be unpacking the final 10 performance challenges.

Dion, knees to chest. Photo by John Respondek

The Performance Challenges

Best follow-cam wave: One team member follow cams another team member. Two surfers, one wave. One shoots, one surfs. In front, from behind, from above, whatever.

One-footed air: First seen in 2018 by Matt Meola, Mason Ho and Eithan Osborne at Vans Stab High presented by Monster Energy, the benihana, the Sean Penn, the Madonna, and even the Christ air are some of surfing’s most difficult. Just one thing: no Supermans.

Best switch foot wave: The best single completed wave switch.

Best combo: A tube to turn, two turns, two airs, whatever. Two pieces of the puzzle joined together.

Best tube: Biggest, longest, stylish, best.

Best floater: Same deal as the tube. It might be length of float or most girthy section. The question is: Does a complete floater on a smaller wave rival a heavier section with an uncompleted attempt?

Best roundhouse cutback to air rebound: Popularised by Dane Reynolds, the cutback to aerial is surfing’s unicorn.

Best floater to air: This is a trick only really completed by Wade Goodall.

Best air before sunrise: Aerial surfers are famous for rising late. This challenge requires a completed aerial before the bottom of the sun crosses the horizon.

Get barrelled at Solander: Ours, Piker’s Hole, Cape Fear, Cape Solander. Get barrelled out here. There are three waves to choose from: Two rights and a very rare left.

Coby and Macy, technical tandem. Photo by John Respondek.

How the scoring works

All teams were given a Stab Highway booklet outlining the rules and challenges on day one. Every team will have to complete each individual challenge, and their performances will be judged relative to one another with a maximum of 4 points, minimum of one point, per challenge. 

There are a set number of challenges that all need to be completed. Scores are distributed as follows:

1st place = 4 points 

2nd place = 3 points

3rd place= 2 points 

4th place = 1 point

Not attempting a challenge = 0 points

Some challenges, like the longest time spent in a steamer, are fairly objective. Others, like the best tattoo, are fully subjective. Regardless, every challenge will be scored by a panel of three esteemed judges: Ozzie Wright, Kai Neville, and Stab’s own Danny Johnson (more on them below). 

The three judges have their own particular tastes and kinks and they’ll each rank every challenge from first to fourth. Those positions will then be collated to derive the top four of each challenge. The most important message we must share is this: if it’s not captured on film, it didn’t happen. 

Bad Manners, critical inverted surfboard to boog transfer. Photo by John Respondek.

The Teams

Team Holly: Harry Bryant, Dakoda Walters, and Reef Heazlewood.

Team Jaleesa: Noa Deane, Shaun Manners, and, Wade Goodall.

Team Pacha: Dion Agius, Mckenzie Bowden, Sheldon Simkus.

Team Macy: Chippa Wilson, Coby Perkovich, and Benny Howard.

Current scoreboard after episode 2

Team Macy – 12 points

Team Holly – 11 points

Team Jaleesa – 9 points

Team Pacha – 8 points


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