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Vahine Fierro Canoes World’s Sportiest Candle Into Teahupo’o 

No clean up sets plz, *prayer emoji*.

Words by Ethan Davis
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Following a French parade, the Olympic torch has crossed the seas to its territories with a special ménage à trois thrown in at French Guiana, La Réunion, and Teahupo’o, Tahiti. A month from now Olympic surfers will be showing off their skills at the latter site, at least the ones who have skills. There’s about six names in the Olympic draw who, to our knowledge, have very little experience surfing heavy tubing reef breaks (view the heat draw here). 

As Damien Fahrenfort sagely noted the day after the recent Tahiti CT event, “What the women did at Teahupo’o made it impossible for the Olympic surf organization not to send the women out when it’s pumping, and if it’s anything like the last two days, that makes it extremely dangerous for the young Chinese girl who has never surfed or seen a wave like that, or for anyone of the girls that didn’t qualify through the WSL. If it’s even half the size of yesterday there will be some 0.0 heat totals which at the Olympic level is absurd. It’s more a testament to the girls on tour than it is a judgment on the other poor souls that will feel like they’re going to meet their maker if it’s the same size.”

A sizzling hot take, alright. 

The recent Tahiti CT winner Vahine Fierro got her hands on the torch first, who then passed it to her coach, Hira Teriinatoofa. Other aquatic stars like Kauli Vaast, para-surfer Toareia Bordes, local bodyboard champion Amy Tauria, and the founder of Moorea’s first surfing school, Prisca Amaru clasped it too.

Tokyo Olympian Michel Bourez wrapped up the festivities, lighting up a massive cauldron in Place To’ata, Papeete.

Vahine Fierro shared with France 24 that lighting the torch wasn’t just a kick—it was a massive honor. The whole town turned up, alongside the fresh faces of surfing, all feeling a bit mushy about “sharing and unity.” Apparently, setting things on fire really brings people together—who knew? Keeps them warm, too!

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