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Creed + Ozzy + Dion start Mess & Noise TV

Kettlish, lo-fi surf vids from the 69th dimension.

Words by Ethan Davis
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“We’re gonna try to upload one a week for the next few months.”

Along with Paul Fisher and Jamie O’Brien, Dion Agius was one the first surfers to start a surf video blog. The year was 2007 and upon returning from the shores of Vietnam for Taylor Steele’s Sipping Jetstreams 2, Dion and close friend Beren Hall armed themselves with handycams and started .TV/Dion – a surf blog featuring lo-fi surf vids adapted for the online webspace. 

“I ended up pitching it to Globe and they were super psyched on it. Joe [G] kind of gave us parameters and a handycam. We didn’t know what the fuck we were doing. Nor did we think it would ever become as popular as it did,” Dion recalled in Culture Shifters.

Now in a shocking turn of events, Dion along with reigning S.U.R.F. World Champ Ozzy Wright and freesurf legend Creed McTaggart have fired up the old YouTube machine, rebranding as Mess+Noise TV.

In the first episode, Creed and Oz score pumping surf, scratch dog, itch feet and discover the world’s biggest moth (SERIOUSLY BIG).

Riveting stuff. 

Anyone wanna guess what’s in the next installment?

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