7 Apps To Enhance Your Surf

Words by Rupert Partridge

Hey Gen-Y, ain't time a commodity? We have places to go, people to see, waves to surf. Spending two hours hunched over a steering wheel on Saturday morning is not ideal. And no one appreciates being slapped awake for one foot slop by an alarm sounding like the Red October on high alert. This is 2013! We have the internets!

No matter your flavour of e-Tether, there's a plethora of "surf" apps that do little more than frustrate and drain data. Since we're in the business of giving, here we offer seven apps for an enhanced surf experience.

Step 1 - Find Waves

Seabreeze Free (iTunes, Android coming soon). Price: Uh, Free. Check name. Location: Australia

Accurate data, short update cycle (every four hours) and easy to navigate, Seabreeze ticks all boxes. Its wind predictions are (almost) always on the money and its simple visuals makes for effective forecasting. Features include multiple wind, tide, wave height and swell direction graphs, along with Bureau Of Meteorology maps and synoptic charts. A Pro version is also available for two bones, but it's worth putting up with the mini banner-ads for the price tag (or lack thereof).


Surf Watch (iTunes). Price: $10.99. Location: USA

Surf Watch is the super supreme of surf forecasting apps. It has everything. At-a-glance NOAA data with all the trimmings, customisable, location-specific swell alerts, surf alarms and push notifications to let you know when Blacks is turning on. At $10.99 it ain't free, but the interface is light-years ahead of Buoyweather (which is the same price).

Surf Watch

Step 2 - Get Pals

goFlow Surf (iTunes). Price: Free. Location: Worldwide

goFlow is Facebook for surfing. You set up a profile, add pals, set your location and customise your break feed. Dawn patrolling and want to let everyone (or just a select few) know what they're missing? Just snap a photo, rate the conditions and post. The app also integrates with Facebook to, like, prove you were there. This one's for those who like to play smug.


SwellTell (iTunes). Price: Free. Location: Worldwide

If you're discerning with your surf knowledge, SwellTell is more your deal. It's essentially the same as goFlow, but your scoop is sent via text message to only those recipients you deem worthy.

Step 3 - After Hours

Surfboard Finder (iTunes). Price: Free. Location: Worldwide

Breaking craft is frustrating and disheartening for all fiberglass straddlers. Get a new stick faster using the Surfboard Finder app. Select your skill level, fitness, wave choice, weight and board type and presto, you've got a digital quiver to choose from and a store finder tool to get you back in the soup real quick.


Beanhunter (iTunes, Android). Price: Free. Location: Australia

Wake up. Coffee. Surf. Coffee. Use Beanhunter to find the best cuppa' Joe post-shred. 'Nuf said.


Miss Reef Calendar App (iTunes). Price: Free. Location: Worldwide

According to Harvard University, people who plan and set goals are far more likely to succeed than those who don't. So use that iCal! If you need more motivation, download Reef's Miss Reef Calendar App. Functionally, it's the same, but you're also gifted shots of the world's finest (Latin!) kickers, updated daily, and Reef team videos. Warning! You must be over 17 to download! Beware the hypnotising glutes!