Russell Bierke Hospitalized While Surfing With Kelly Slater

While the CT was enjoying the dextral lines of Bells during finals day, something much more sinister was happening just west along the Victorian coastline. Teenage charger Russell Bierke was hospitalised yesterday while surfing with Kelly Slater and several other CT'ers who had previously dropped out of the Rip Curl Pro. 

According to eyewitness reports, the 2016 Red Bull Cape Fear Winner fell after stepping into a massive hanger. Apparently hitting his head on his fibreglass, reemerging after a solid hold down. He was eventually pulled onto a ski by (apparently) Kelly, Ross Clarke-Jones and Ryan Hipwood.

Bierke is currently recovering in intensive care at the Warrnambool Base Hospital and is reportedly in stable condition.

Stab has massive respect for Russell's no fear approach to surfing, and we're happy to hear he's in stable condition. We wish him a speedy recovery and all the best.