Sugar The Surfing Dog Shares With An Ominous Silhouette

Hunting Beach local and two time international surfing champion, Sugar the surf dog, had a near miss with a unidentified marine creature on Sunday.

"Sugar was surfing at 17th St in Huntington Beach catching a couple of waves when what might be a shark or seal appeared," Ryan Rustan, (Sugar's owner) told Stab. "I actually never saw it as I was behind the wave, but it darted under her surfboard and never came up. We took a closer look at the photos and it looked a lot like a shark!"

Sugar is a two-time International Dog surfing champ who was rescued from the streets of Oakland as a six month-old pup. She was brought to Huntington Beach before learning to stand over a surfboard. Nine trophies and two championships later she was inducted into the International Dog surfing hall of fame. "She's the only dog allowed in the waters at the HB pier!" We're just glad she's still here to chase title number three.