Japan Bloodlines0053

Gallery: Taj Burrow Joins Billabong Bloodlines In Japan

A celebration of youthful spirit and high performance surfing.

Come through.

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BOSK1356 Ando

Craig Anderson Arches Through A Spring Swell, Merewether, NSW

"This is exactly what I had pictured in my head before he went out.”

That higher res, here.

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Why Britt Merrick Of Channel Islands Shaped A Bonzer For Stab In The Dark

"If I said the board sucked, that wouldn't be good for business and if his board won people would think it was rigged." - Dane Reynolds.

The Shaper Series continues, here:

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Asher Pacey Trunk Talk SLIDER

Trunk Talk: Asher Pacey, A Twin Fin And The Ideal Length For Silk Surfing

“I remember Kerrsy wearing ones that were almost to his feet. If I could dig up a photo of him wearing those, it’d be priceless!”

Trunk Talk with Asher Pacey, here:

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KEPA slioder

A Comprehensive Guide To Travelling Alone With Kepa Acero

“I never travel solo to be by myself, I travel solo to find new people.”

Red Eye: A Reef x Stab Joint.

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Real Axe: Israel!

Occy makes national Israeli news, and other exciting tales from the middle east...

Free entertainment, here!

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Dane Stab In The Dark Thumb

Watch: Stab In The Dark 2016

A blind date with Dane Reynolds and 13 anonymous shapers.

Watch here, now.

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Dream Like Clockwork

Time is the oldest and the newest. Live in the middle!

Your new timepiece.

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A home for your finest moments captured. Tag #StabFullFrame to feature and maybe even win yourself a monthly prize pack form O'Neill. We'll be watching.

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Soli Bailey Would Rather Lose A Nipple Than Surf In The Olympics

Soli Bailey plays would you rather and spins big rotations.

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Real Axe: Israel!

Creed McTaggart, Occy and Tyler Warren dance enthusiastically in the middle east!

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“Anyone Could Ride This!”: Chilli On Shaping A World Class Surfboard

Episode one of the Stab In The Dark Shaper Series.

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Watch: Stab In The Dark 2016

Pour yourself a drink.

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Watch: Luke Hynd in "The Set Menu"

"Surfing in great white territory by yourself is pretty darn scary." - Mr Hynd.

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