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We promise this won't (really) hurt.

Wanna win a new surfboard? We have a custom Chilli ‘Black Vulture’ to gift (plus all the trim you’d expect from a premium dealer). To be in the running, just answer a few questions for us. It won’t take long.

What I know about women, with Beau Foster

Beau “Kent” Foster, 18 years old and from Soldiers Beach, NSW, reveals every single thing he knows about women...

Until last year, I’d been single a long time. I had a girlfriend in year six. And since then, I didn’t really ‘see’ any chicks til last year. Even then, it only took a month until I was over it. You feel trapped, especially going away. At that time, I started going overseas and straight away, I wanted out.

You always remember your first time. It was cool, but you just never forget the first time. It was very spontaneous, actually. I wasn’t expecting anything and it just came outta the blue. It was the right time and right place. It was night time, but I was completely sober.

I don’t think too deeply about things like romance. But, it depends on the girl. I’ve always just thought romance is two people that are into each other enough that they hang out all the time and talk a lot – pretty simple.

As far as romantic gestures, I’m not so into restaurant dinners. I’m more about going somewhere like a secret beach and just having a picnic. I wouldn’t want to be around a whole lot of people, I’m more about doing my own thing.

What do I love most about girls? Just girls in general. Just a nice body and cute face. I’m not too picky.

Personality-wise, definitely not loud. I like girls that are fun, but not super out-there and over-the-top. They’re fun, but I wouldn’t be able to hang out with them all the time, because it’d just become too much. I’d rather hang with laid-back girls. Down to party, but down to earth.

Aesthetically, I’m into curly hair. I like a nice body and cute face, but for some reason I’ve got a real thing for curly hair. Lately, when I see a girl who can pull off boots… hoo! I like denim short-shorts, or tight jeans and hi-top Cons. Girls wearing cool clothes in winter is amazing. If a girl’s not super-attractive, but then wears cool clothes, you take more notice.

I’m happy roaming solo, for now. It’s hard to be situated with a girl at a time like this (18, with blossoming career). Going away you don’t want one, but at the same time, it’s nice having a girl to come home to. When you’re away, you wanna go out and have fun, but half the fun of, ah, having fun, is getting girls. As an 18-year-old, going out and not chasing chicks it’s hard because the whole time you’re looking at girls going, ‘Oh boy.’

Not getting lucky can leave a hole in your evening.

More girls want you when you’re taken. I’ve only heard this, but I swear every time you get a girlfriend, girls want to get with you, but when you’re single, it’s way harder. It’s always the way.

Girlfriends can be a good distraction (from partying). If you’re at an event and should be concentrating on the contest, but there’s a bunch of good parties on, it’s probably better to have a girlfriend with you ‘cause you’d be more inclined to stay in with her. It’d be good for the guys in that contest situation.

Girls can easily get into the wrong spot. In your life, I mean. I had a friend with a chick and she just wanted to party all the time, but he was working a lot and it just got too much, so that was the end of it. It could go either way, though.

I can think of three girls I’ve loved. The first female who left an impression on me was called Jess. We were in kindergarten. She was my first kiss. I bailed on swimming practice and ran down the street to her house, kissed her, then ran back home. We’re actually still good friends.

The second was Elise. I was in year six. It’s silly having a girlfriend when you’re that young ‘cause you don’t have a clue what’s going on, but it’s funny. We didn’t even have a break-up ‘talk’, we just went to different high schools and that was it. I get in contact with her every now and then, too. It’s good to catch up with people like that.

And, the third girl to leave an impression on me? A girl I’ve been hanging with lately. It’s cool. We were introduced at a party. I mean, we’ve known each other for a year. But we didn’t talk for five months then randomly she just started to talking to me again. She’s really cool.

I’ve had bad experiences, too. The girl I went out with last year ended funny. I told her I didn’t want to do it anymore and I think it came off the wrong way. Now, we don’t talk anymore.

I like keeping peace with girls from my past. I don’t want to be hated or hate someone. I don’t hate anyone. I can’t stand the idea of someone hating me. I never want someone to be so pissed off with me that they’d actually hate me.

The more you turn girls away, the more interested they are. The saying “You always want what you can’t have,” is pretty true. I’ve seen it happen, not to me, but to friends. Girls become more attracted to a guy if that guy already has lots of girls chasing them. Being desired makes someone more desirable.

I’d never say I’m a surfer to get a girl. Even if no one was around and no one would ever find out I did it. It’s so lame. I couldn’t do it ‘cause I’d laugh too much.

Newport Beach might have the most attractive girls. But, I was only there during the US Open which makes it hard to judge. That time of year is crazy.

The difference between two different men’s styles is amazing. Hanging out with my friend Cooper Chapman and watching the way he tries to get girls against how I do it, it’s so different. Sometimes I look at him and laugh, but he probably does the same to me.

I like to get tipsy. It makes me more confident with girls, for sure. That’s pretty universal, though. I’m just not that out there, naturally. Although, if a girl’s super hot, I definitely go straight up and say, hey. Just to see what kinda girl she is. It’s worth doing.

Eighty percent of my womanising is alcohol-fuelled. When you’re out drinking is when you’re chasing girls.

Most the time, I’ll tell a girl what I’m thinking. I don’t give out everything, that’s for sure, but I try to be honest. I’ve never lied to get a girl.

The bar-to-home traverse is your undoing. From when you say, let’s get a cab, to when you get home, all that time in between, so many things can go wrong. A girl won’t ditch her friends, so she’s got that to think about. And, if you’re staying too far away, they might get over it.

The one time I did play some background music when I was with a girl, it was good. But usually you’re not thinking about that.

One girl bit my ear, hard. I’ve had girls nibble on there before, and I was, like, oh, whatever, but this was actually pretty hard. It’s too awkward to tell them to stop it.

Girls can be really funny. The funniest thing is when you hear girls talking to other girls about guys.

Bad kissers are the worst. Seriously, it doesn’t get any worse.

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