Stab Magazine | Quik Pro: Kelly's 12th Title, Goofy V Natural Footers And The Unstoppable Toledo

Quik Pro: Kelly’s 12th Title, Goofy V Natural Footers And The Unstoppable Toledo

Jake ‘Snake’ Paterson tells us about his high-performance surf school first and Snapper Rocks second. 

style // Mar 9, 2018
Words by Stab
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At 8am Sunday morning, the first heat of the 2018 year will likely start at the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper Rocks. 

This Quik Pro will be the first event of the last ‘normal’ year on tour, as the world tour will be dramatically altered in 2019. Details are still murky on the WSL’s future intentions, but we do know that Pipe won’t be on the schedule, an Indonesian boat trip showdown is likely and it’ll be something surfing has ever seen. 

Oh, and it’s going to be a good start at the Quik Pro. In case you aren’t surf-forecast savvy, there’s a 4-6 foot SE swell on the charts and a larger secondary swell later in the waiting period – currently looking to roll in Wednesday afternoon. 

When it comes to World Tour, the thickest, slickest and sickest opinion goes to former Pipe Master Jake ‘Snake’ Paterson. We hit Snake on the most pressing issues RN: Kelly’s title potential, goofy v naturals and whether these rookies are gonna be eaten alive on the main stage. 

snapper rocks crowd

In no particular order, the top three Snapper phrases: “Oi”, “Yep” and “Get Fugged”


Azad Sellars

Stab: What do you love and hate most about Snapper?

Snake: Snapper is one of the most high performance waves on tour. It’s a natural amphitheatre, the crowds pack into the beach and it has one of the best atmosphere of any event on tour. Thing is, the crowds on the beach are usually outclassed by the crowds in the water and it’s virtually impossible to snag a decent wave when trying to surf out there. It’s the worst spot in the world to free surf at this time of year.

What are the odds of a Cyclone Gita repeat? 

Let’s bloody hope so. There’s been enough time to recover from Gita’s craziness. We are due for an epic Quik Pro swell, it’s been a few good years with marginal conditions. 

(Editor’s note: it looks as if a fortnight was just long enough for the Coral Sea to generate back to back swells. Currently, the biggest concern is around the quality of the bank.)

cyclone gita stab

The pros will need to ‘step-up’ their act and rely on their own two arms if there’s a Gita repeat.


Juan Medina

Goofy vs. naturals? Leaning either way?

Goofies killed it last year. They had a good run because there weren’t many heats held in barrelling, behind-the-rock conditions. If it’s barrelling this year the natural footers will begin to take over, however, if it goes down to turns the goofies may have the upper hand. 

Your student Griff is looking fantastic from what we saw on ‘Snake Tales’. 

Working with Griff is super exciting. The kid has so much talent and is only continuing to improve. He has his boards dialled, so every piece of the puzzle is slowly coming together. Now we’re just working on getting his mindset right to take on the CT big boys while still enjoying surfing in the process. 

Which rookies will surprise us?

Wade Carmichael. He’s an underground powerhouse that uses his rail better than most (just take a look at his end of season performances in Hawaii the past few seasons). I’m excited to see how he goes on tour. 

Another client of yours Kanoa is back on. How’s his game looking?

This year will be Kanoa’s third on tour and I believe he’ll finish in the top 10. He’s worked hard on his equipment for every stop on tour and has focussed on improving his big wave game. There’s no excuses for him not to kill it this year. 

Who is officially a client of Jake Paterson’s ‘Ultra High-Performance School of Competitive Surfing Pty Ltd.’ in 2018? 

Haha. I work full time with Griff and Kanoa on the CT and Steph part time. On the QS I have Ramzi Boukhiam, Marc Lacomare and Michael Dunphy full time. Part time I work with Ian Crane and Felicity Palmateer. 

Is Kelly Slater’s 12th title out of the question? Or will 2018 be a sad show? 

It’s never a sad show with Kelly. Just when everyone says it’s time to hang up the legrope, he does something fucking incredible. He can win Tahiti with his eyes closed and J-Bay if he gets a magic Simon Anderson!

kelly joel drop in

Kelly’s prolific and terrific Instragm stories are good, but seeing him scold his competitor mid-final is better.



With the new schedule, will this be the last Quik Pro Goldy?

With all the problems the WSL is currently having trying to move Pipe, I can’t possibly envision a 2019 without an event on the Gold Coast. Regardless of whether that is the opening event or not. 

How’s ‘Life Without Mick’ look?

I love Mick! He’s a true professional that gives a lot of his time to others – a rarity in the pro surfing world. I think he ties with MR as the greatest Australian surfer of all time, even though he is one World Title behind, he’s right up there at the top of that list. 

If it’s small Snapper, who can beat Mr Toledo?

No one!

If it’s all tunnels, who wins?

Tough call. Parko, Kelly, Jules, John, Zeke or Griff. 



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