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What dreams are made of.

Not Just The Rainbow State

Billabong Women’s new Dream State collection is inspired by the 750-mile miracle of Hawaii.

style // Feb 4, 2023
Words by Corina Stephens
Reading Time: 4 minutes

We all love a good dream. Whether it’s a nightly escape into a world unbound by the rules of reality (gravity, etc.) or a waking vision of plans yet fulfilled, dreams typically occupy a liminal space that’s just out of reach. 

Coulda sworn…

The perceived nearness of these cognitive visualizations can cause them to feel achievable and thus, infinitely attractive. Not unlike that dark strip of water on the horizon you swear you saw or the perfect four-dollar oat latte you were told does exist, dreams are often infuriatingly intangible.

But what if dreaming was an actual state – like, one you could travel to?

The Billabong Women, happy inhabitants of their Dream State.

Luckily, such a place exists — in the form of eight islands where empty crystalline cones appear within paddling distance, rainbows and sea turtles are more populous than buildings, and there’s never a line at Pupukea Grill. 

Yes, Hawaii.

MJC, spreading the Aloha.

Located 580 leagues southwest of the continental U.S. and rimmed with coral reefs, the chain boasts some of the most dreamt-about waves on the planet. Pupukea Grill has an app (we weren’t kidding about that no line thing). And, as the rainbow capital of the world, you’ll run into Roy G. Biv on an almost daily basis.

“You can’t compare it to anywhere else in the world. It taught me to be humble. Dream big. It’s the only way to push and be better.” – Luana Silva

But anyone who’s ever eaten chocolate too close to bedtime or spent a day dwelling on icky thoughts knows that dreams aren’t always populated by prismatic arcs. Our nocturnal mind movies can be jagged machines that disturb our sleep and leave us dizzied the next day.

Nightmare is a misnomer – they can occur any hour of the day.

The North Shore of Oahu, in particular, epitomizes the duality of the dream state. It harmoniously hosts danger and idyll, love and fear, beauty and terror – all within an atmospheric bubble of sunshine and downpours. 

“Surfing on the North Shore = Scared >Terrified > Happy > Scared > Happy!” – Sky Brown 

The latest Billabong Women’s collection, Dream State, playfully reflects these parallel planes through a range of isle-inspired goods. A vibrant representation of this complex yet beautiful relationship, fluoro colors flirt with sharply-contrasted monochrome motifs, toeing the tropical line with which island-bound surfers are all too familiar.

“The North Shore has taught me to respect locals. It’s that time of year when you get to catch up with friends. Long days on the beach surfing and hanging out. Oh and Ted’s Bakery, that’s what dreams are made of.” – Macy Jane Callaghan

Through the eyes and experiences of the Billabong Women’s crew – Laura Enever, Isabella Nichols, Luana Silva, Macy-Jane Callaghan, and Sky Brown – we come to know better the beauty and power above and below the surface, as well the islands’ endless offerings of attraction and punishment.

Where fierce meets fun

Giving heavy ’90s nostalgia, the latest lady ‘Bong offering keeps the modern girl in mind with eco-conscious efforts threaded throughout. Organic cotton tees, recycled fabrics, repurposed neoprene, and FSC-Certified textiles further add to the idyllic quality of the cute-comfy-cool range.

“My dream accomplishment would be to get an incredible wave at Pipeline. Here, there are days that are small and perfect, sunny and beautiful, and the days that scare the crap out of you!” – Laura Enever 

While the present moment passes, travel itineraries loom, and alarm clocks do what they’re told, the #BillabongDreamState collection is a tangible utopia of swim, surfwear, apparel, and more.

Dream a little dream of me.

Book your ticket here.


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