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My Style, with Noa Deane

My Style with Noa Deane, 17, Coolangatta Shoes: Vans Old Skools. I like how wide they are and that my foot actually fits in them, ‘cause I have ugly, wide feet. Which is actually okay for my surfing. They’re good to skate in, too. Which I’m not any good at, but I’m into it. I […]

style // Mar 8, 2016
Words by stab
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My Style with Noa Deane, 17, Coolangatta

Shoes: Vans Old Skools. I like how wide they are and that my foot actually fits in them, ‘cause I have ugly, wide feet. Which is actually okay for my surfing. They’re good to skate in, too. Which I’m not any good at, but I’m into it. I ride a Krooked double-kick. It’s 8.25, which is pretty wide, but I’m a size 12 foot.

Skating: Fun little stuff. A coupla little ledges and some little quarters. I love mini-parks. I don’t mind a rail here and there, either, just a flat-bar. I mostly just do backside boardslides. I can’t do lipslides and frontboards are sketchy. You gotta be over your board and committed. I can’t do any grinds. I so badly wanna do a smith, or a feeble, but I just can’t. Front feebles might be the best-looking trick ever. Or, salad grinds.

Clothes: I like pants, not jeans. Like, chinos. I like wearing collared shirts sometimes, but just low-key ones. I don’t wanna try and look like I’m rich or anything, y’know.

Hair: I’ve semi got a bowl-cut right now. I cut it myself at the front then my girlfriend fixed the back. It’s pretty funny, I think.

Party: I don’t care about party setting at all. I really just like it when you can talk with people. No one raging or anything. Just more social than anything, everyone just hanging out, talking and having a good time. If you’re dancing forever, your legs are gonna get tired, aren’t they?

Art: I like using acrylic paint on canvas. I’m not good or anything, but I like painting abstract shit. The other day I painted a little black circle with stuff inside it. I like Alex Olsen’s collages. Have you seen those? They’re fucking sick. And Jean-Michel Basquiat. I like his stuff a lot.

Camera: I’ve got a few, but my favourite is a Canon Snappy. I take photos of anything really, but I like architecture and some landscape. I also like portraits, too. Photos of people can be so good.

Music: I like Nirvana. Grunge, for sure. I listen to the Misfits, too. Then, I like some older stuff, like Neil Young – my mum got me into that. I still like some new stuff though. Like, the Black Keys are pretty cool.

Girl: Well, my girlfriend has brown hair and blue eyes. I don’t know if I really have a style of girl, so long as they’re cool. Just, ah, not weird.

Food: Pub food. And pies! At the pub, I get either the $10 roast or the steak. Or, chicken parmy.

Car: I don’t have a car yet. Or a licence. I’m going to get it this week, actually. But, I have been saying that for months.

Phone: I’ve got an iPhone 4, right now, but it’s smashed. I was on the phone to someone at the Australian Open, Manly, and it just slipped out of my hand. It still works, though.

Cologne: Sometimes. I have French Connection UK. My girlfriend loves it. I mostly just wear it if we’re going out to dinner or something, which makes her happy.

Film: I like anything, really. I watched Trash Humpers the other day. That was sick, but it’s fucked-up and weird. I like watching older movies and weird ones. I hate High School Musical.


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