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Who Is Beau Cram?

The enigmatic chippie vagabond descendant from surf royalty.

Words by Ethan Davis
Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Everyone knows Beau Cram on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

Between his unmistakable fuzz, endearing understatedness, and preternatural ability to find tubes and paint pleasing lines on a myriad of craft in a myriad of conditions, Beau, son of surf-royalty, Richard Cram, is a character deeply interwoven with the fabric of the Northern beaches surf community. 

“Beau’s got a bit of that Rasta-esque mystique about him in the lineup – he’ll paddle for a lump of water that flies under everyone’s radar and turn it into something spectacular,” says Stab Creative Director, Danny Johnson.

Many of us were acquainted with Beau on the Coopers Pacific Pale Ale Odyssey to the Indian Ocean where he’s spent the past twelve months living in his home on wheels, getting tubed in crowdless lineups, and refining the art of the roundhouse sans a droplet of water being unintentionally displaced by the inside rail (re: 2:05 for a perfect backside roundie). But we wanted more from him, hence the production of this latest clip. 

“I’ve been living out of my Iveco Daily, she’s a beast. Drove her over to West Oz and parked up. I had a solar blanket, dual battery, converter, about fifteen boards – pretty simple setup but it did the trick,” says Beau. “I was working up and down the coast, hopping along from site to site. But it’s time to go home now. We’ve been pretty lucky in West Oz regarding COVID. I’m kind of excited to stick a swap up my nose and give my brain a little tickle.”

Timeless, silky surfing with a charming personality to boot, get to know Beau Cram better.